Students honor veterans

The hard-working, dedicated and thoughtful students of the Berkshire Local Schools Badger Lab program took their community service initiatives on-the-road earlier this week, to pay tribute to our local veterans in celebration of Veteran’s Day. Veterans expressed their gratitude with smiles and words of encouragement to the Berkshire High School Badger Lab students and engaged in meaningful conversations with them as they were served during lunch. The Berkshire Local Schools thanks Ashley Brzozowski, Joe Cirino, Janice Shipman, Lori Klem and Shelly Pokorny, for encouraging our students to activities that promote leadership, character and service. The Badger Lab participants have been serving meals to students at Berkshire Jr./Sr. High School since the beginning of the school year, and used this opportunity as a way to take their service to the community.

Mock trial

Juniors in the Honors English III and English III classes recently completed a mock trial learning activity that promoted several competencies featured in the district’s Graduate Profile, including critical thinking/problem solving, communication and collaboration. Under the guidance of English Instructor Mrs. Meghan Riley-Farrow, students read Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “The Black Cat” and focused on key skills including close reading and annotating a text for evidence collection. Students worked in prosecution, defense, and jury teams to collect evidence from the text, appropriately integrate quotes, and create a compelling argument with claims and strong evidence to present a case in a mock trial for the narrator in the story. The activity concluded with a class discussion that highlighted how the students had created a clear and well-argued analysis essay as a team, and to use the experience as a springboard for future writing projects.

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