West Geauga School District is accepting sealed bids for asbestos abatement, hazardous material removal, and site restoration work at the former Newbury High School, which studies commissioned by the district have estimated will cost more than $3 million.

Parma-based engineering firm Terracon conducted the studies, estimating asbestos abatement between $840,000 and $1.18 million; removal of hazardous materials between $25,000 and $35,000; and demolition and site restoration between $600,000 and $900,000, if West Geauga decides to demolish the building.

Hazardous materials to be removed include floor tile, floor mastic, ceiling tiles, pipe insulation, ceiling plaster, stair treads, and more, according to a presentation on the study presented at a school board meeting.

Following the completion of the demolition and excavation, the area will be backfilled and graded to match the surrounding topography, and the disturbed area will be seeded for grass growth. Bids are being accepted until Jan. 18.

Newbury Township Trustee Greg Tropf told The Times there are no updates concerning the Newbury property from the township’s perspective and that it seems the district has decided to go a different direction than was previously discussed. This comes after more than a year of discussions between the district and the township exploring lease-to-own options for parts of the property.

Chairman of the Newbury Board of Trustees Bill Skomrock has not yet disbanded the task force he commissioned to advise on acquiring the property. Mr. Skomrock told The Times he thinks the dollar amounts were “inflated” compared to similar studies commissioned by the township.

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