Lighted falls off table

While no formal recommendation has been made, the general consensus among the Chagrin Falls Village Facilities and Services Committee members who met Monday night was not to pursue an initiative to light the natural falls on a year-round basis.

Councilwoman Angela DeBernardo, who heads the committee, cited little interest on the part of residents.

The committee members, however, said that they may consider lighting the area on special occasions and look into adding lighting capability into the Main Street Bridge renewal project.

Later in the meeting it was announced that preliminary work on the bridge will begin shortly and the current dates for the start of the work is the spring of 2023 with completion in the fall of 2024.

The request to light the falls was brought to council by a Chester Township man who offered a petition signed by 200 people. Not all were village residents or taxpayers.

Chamber concerts on for summer

The Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce Concerts in the Park summer series will return this year with six events staged in Riverside Park.

The Chagrin Falls Parks Commission approved the chamber’s application for use on Feb. 3, clearing the way for an abbreviated program which was interrupted last summer by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The change in locations to roomier Riverside Park will permit bands to set up on the cement patio in the front of the park with the grassy area behind it set aside for concertgoers.

Chamber Executive Director Molly Gebler said social distancing reminders will be provided during the concerts and to help gauge proper spacing, a water soluble paint will mark properly spaced “family circles” on the grass.

Masking was not part of the discussion during the meeting. Dates and bands will be announced at a later date.

Cost up on utilities project

Chagrin Falls Village Council during its virtual meeting on Monday approved a change order for $67,662 representing the additional cost of work to be done on the East Washington Street utilities improvement project.

Village Engineer Timothy Lannon said the amount falls within the 10 percent contingency amount of the project and will finance exploratory work at a sanitary lateral near the post office, replace grate castings in 10 locations.

He said all work is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the amount will be rolled into the low interest loan it extended to the village for the project.

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