In November, Chagrin Falls voters passed a charter amendment authorizing the village to hold any or all village public meetings by virtual means.

On Monday, as COVID-19 surged again in the state, village council activated that option by unanimously passing emergency legislation which took effect immediately and in time for the Tuesday morning architectural review board session.

All subsequent village meetings will be held virtually through January when council will reassess the pandemic situation.

Virtual meetings will be transmitted via the Zoom platform through which the public is able to see, hear and participate. Directions for accessing meetings are available on the village website at

The first meeting of the year also served as council’s annual organizational session with Mayor William Tomko giving the oath of office to three continuing council members Erinn Grube, Andrew Rockey, and Nancy Rogoff and three new council members Michael Corkran, Brian Drum and Jack Subel. Seventh council member, Angela DeBernardo, was absent due to illness.

Erinn Grube and Angela DeBernardo were reelected unanimously and will continue as council president and pro tempore respectively.

Council committee chairmanships were also announced and are:

Finance – Mrs. Grube, chair, with Mr. Corkran and Ms. Rogoff serving as committee members; administration/compensation – Mr. Subel, chair, with members Mrs. DeBernardo and Mr. Corkran; streets/sidewalks—Mrs. Grube, chair, with members Mr. Subel and Mr. Rockey; utilities – Mr. Corkran, chair, with members Mr. Drum and Ms. Grube; facilities/services – Mrs. DeBernardo, chair, with members Mr. Drum and Mr. Rockey; safety – Mr. Rockey, chair, with members Mr. Subel and Ms. Rogoff.

Council representatives to village boards and commissions are: parks -- Mr. Drum; cemetery -- Mrs. Grube; Shade Tree – Mr. Rockey; board of zoning Appeals – Mr. Drum; planning and zoning – Ms. Rogoff; Arts – Mrs. DeBernardo; firemen’s dependency – Ms. Rogoff and Mr. Subel. merchant liaison – Mrs. DeBernardo.

Mayor Tomko reappointed Wendy Naylor to the Architectural Review Board and announced he would appoint other citizen board and commission members at the Jan. 10 council meeting.

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