Solon City Council was expected to meet today (Jan. 6) to consider a grant application to begin site work on Bicentennial Park on Bainbridge Road.

The grant pursued, which is up to $50,000, would be with the Cuyahoga County Department of Development through the 2022 Cuyahoga County Supplemental Grant Program.

Mayor Edward H. Kraus said last week that the site work will involve looking at plans for the park, as well as the possible addition of benches and different seating.

“We will look at things we want to do in the park,” he said, “whatever that may be.

“The site work is a starting point.”

The park, located near the Solon Historical Society and across from City Hall, will be designed with input from the city’s engineering and planning departments, as well as input from the Solon Center of the Arts nearby, Mayor Kraus said.

The park will also serve as an outdoor extension for the art center, Mayor Kraus continued.

“Arts and culture should not be dedicated to just a building,” Mayor Kraus said. “You can use a lot more space for it.”

There is also the potential for a future plan that would redirect Bainbridge Road so children don’t have to cross the street to get to Bicentennial Park, the mayor said.

This realignment of the intersection at SOM Center is something that will take some time, Mayor Kraus said.

“It’s a ways away,” he said, and a major project.

GPD is currently working on the design for the realignment, he added.

Plans for the bicentennial park are also incorporated into a large-scale master plan addressing the Solon Community Park as well as other city parks.

“Since we had the consultants, I wanted them to take a whole look at the parks and determine if we are using them to their optimal use,” Mayor Kraus said.

Brandstetter Carroll Inc. is developing the Park Master Plan at a cost of $83,430.

For the Bicentennial Park, Mayor Kraus said he envisions an entire outdoor complex.

“I want the kids to have much more,” Mayor Kraus said, including a home for camps, after-school activities, small concerts and performances, among other events.

“Right now, it’s an inside venue,” he added of the art center. “This (Bicentennial Park) sort of brings the center for the arts outside.”

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