Visitors will soon have a much easier time finding the Bainbridge Historical Society with the proposal of a new sign to match its neighboring township buildings.

Past-president Chuck Hesse of the historical society, accompanied by current Co-presidents Donna Lucas and Elaine Witmen, presented the proposed illustration of the soon-to-be new sign during the Bainbridge Board of Trustees regular meeting on Jan. 13.

Mr. Hesse explained that the sign would be 40 feet off the center line of Route 306 and will look similar to the signs on the town hall and police and fire department properties. He said the historical society has worked with Chris Serafino of Easy Sign Group in Twinsburg for the design of the sign, which is who the township worked with for the town hall and police and fire departments.

“We have been in our new location for almost 10 years,” Mr. Hesse said. “We’ve done a lot of work inside and we’ve done some work outside, but we really haven’t publicized ourselves to the public, particularly those who travel up and down (Route) 306.” The historical society will reach its 30th year as an entity in 2020, he noted.

Mr. Hesse added that it is not uncommon for members of the historical society to hear several times a month that visitors had a hard time locating the building. He said adding the sign will not only help people locate the building, but it will also help the building match the other township buildings in aesthetic.

The illustration shows the sign to be 76 inches wide by 36 inches tall with space below for a smaller hanging sign that can be changed to display operating hours. The hanging sign will measure at about 50 inches wide and 6.5 inches tall.

Mr. Hesse requested that the historical society be exempt from several requirements for township signage because they are a 501(c)(3) entity and the building is owned and maintained by the township.

The board approved the exemptions, which include the requirement of a stone base for the sign, a zoning permit and any fees associated with installing the sign. Instead, the sign will be held up by two posts, like the other township signs, with space for planting a garden bed around it.

In other news, the board approved a resolution to update the Highway Policies and Procedures Resolution, which was first approved in March 2015.

In approving the updates, Trustee Chairwoman Kristina O’Brien emphasized to residents that to eliminate a ditch, they have to get a permit through the Geauga County Auditor’s Office for roadside ditches.

She explained that if not done properly, eliminating the ditch could affect stormwater and roadside irrigation systems in the township.

“It’s all about water. It’s all about flow,” she said. “Ditch elimination. Get a permit. It’s vitally important.”

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