This drawing shows the design of a building to take the place of the Ruby Tuesday restaurant that is closed at Marketplace at Four Corners Shopping Center in Bainbridge. The Morgan Companies is proposing the 7,500-square-foot building which will house two to three tenants. It includes a drive-thru window possibly for a restaurant.

BAINBRIDGE — New shopping opportunities are in the works at Marketplace at Four Corners. Representatives of The Morgan Companies told township trustees during a May 28 meeting that there are plans in the works to build a structure replacing the closed Ruby Tuesday restaurant.

John Wilson, director of development for The Morgan Companies, said the building will be 7,500 square feet in size at 7135 Aurora Road (Route 43). He could not name the tenants the company is talking to now because negotiations are underway.

There are more steps to take with the township zoning, Mr. Wilson said. “We will have more definitive information in the next 30 days,” he said after the meeting. It is still early on, he said of naming tenants. The Morgan Companies, with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina and Reston, Virginia, is under contract to buy the property, he added.

They have notified other stores in the shopping center, including Kohl’s and Walmart, and they are in agreement with the plan, Mr. Wilson said. They would rather have more stores than a closed restaurant, he said.

“We have two tenants we are talking to, and there is a drive-thru window for one of the tenants,” Mr. Wilson said. “Any strip center has to have an option of a drive-thru.” Morgan works primarily with retail and mixed uses.

He displayed the outside design of the building that would be majority brick and would face Aurora Road. It will have a patio area and landscaping will be expanded. Coverage at the site will not be increased and will be less than the coverage of Ruby Tuesday, he said.

Bainbridge Zoning Inspector Karen Endres is reviewing the number of parking spaces based on the tenants.

Bainbridge Trustee Jeff Markley addressed the exterior design, including an all-brick side facing one of the shopping center driveways to the south. The driveway is highly trafficked and he said he would like to see something done with the blank walls facing that area. That could include installing windows and incorporating some of the elements of the other walls to dress it up.

Mrs. Endres said the meeting with the trustees last week was the start of the process in which the plans are accepted.

Trustees have the right to review the architectural plans for the stores at Marketplace at Four Corners Shopping Center. Trustees in Ohio do not routinely have a say in the architectural design. But Bainbridge trustees do because this review process was included in the original agreement between the Marketplace developer and the township when the shopping center was initially approved.

Trustees will let the plan go through the process of the Zoning Board of Appeals and then they can review the final drawings.

One thing the township will pay attention to is the height of the building, which is 25 feet high. The maximum height for signage is 22 feet, Mrs. Endres said.

Mrs. Endres said she believes one of the tenants will be a restaurant. After last week’s meeting, she said The Morgan Companies representatives will come back with revised plans for the plain brick wall. She also has to look at the type of tenants to locate in the building and see if parking is adequate.

As part of the process now, The Morgan Companies will be going to the township BZA for a conditional-use permit for the shopping strip.

Bainbridge Trustee Kristina O’Brien said the building has the right face. “I’m good with it.

“Bainbridge is open to business,” Mrs. O’Brien said. “I’m in agreement that we don’t want closed restaurants. It’s appropriate to have businesses that are thriving.”

Trustee Lorrie Benza said the proposed development appears to be a productive fit for the area.

Trustee Jeff Markley said he has asked the company to look at the back side of the building. It needs additional detail. “I thought the architecture was attractive,” he said of the combination of brick with other siding on the structure. It is fresh and provides a nice architectural style, he said.

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