Chagrin receives energy grant

The Village of Chagrin Falls has received a Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council Energized Community Grant for $19,350 which is to be used for energy efficiency and any infrastructure project deemed energy efficient.

One example of projects the village has completed using grant money was replacement of the Walters Road sewer lift station with an energy efficient system last year when underground utilities replaced and sidewalks were built there on the street.

Legislation accepting the grant was passed unanimously by village council Monday night.

Mayor Tomko gets mystery gift

Chagrin Falls Mayor William Tomko celebrated his 71st birthday last week and with it came a mystery gift from the “Bill Tomko Fan Club,” a group he did not know existed until the surprise present arrived.

On Monday, he thanked those who gifted him with the new Reid Electric Assist bicycle adding that he had no idea who was behind the present. He is hoping public notice might elicit a response from the club members or a snitch who knows their identities.

The mayor may be reached at village hall, 440-247-5050 or email

Sewer project cost increases

On Monday, Chagrin Falls Village Council approved a change order for the East Washington Street sewer project contract increasing the cost of the work by $94,673 and bringing the new total to nearly $3.13 million.

The increase includes replacing 154 feet of 8-inch sanitary sewer line which was on the verge of collapsing. The original plan was to reline that section but is now not recommended due to the condition of the old pipe.

The second item in the change order is replacement of 350 feet of 12-inch storm sewer which was also found to be in a “severely compromised” condition.

Both items were recently discovered and not anticipated in the original contract, according to Mayor William Tomko who told council that the contract had built-in contingency expenses and will have “no impact on village finances.”

Village Administrator Rob Jamieson noted that the project bid came in substantially lower than what had been budgeted.

Council approved the change order unanimously.

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