Chester Township is in the early stages of modernizing living arrangements to its aging fire station.

During a Nov. 18 meeting, trustees waived the reading of the legal notice for the fire station renovation project and gave the nod to forward bids to the fire chief for his review and recommendation.

“There’s some under-standard kind of living arrangements that our firefighters had been living with,” Trustee Walter “Skip” Claypool explained. “They need updates to their sleeping arrangements to bedrooms [and] the bathrooms.”

“We’ve gone through a couple of iterations where we were going to modify the downstairs area and add more bedrooms,” Mr. Claypool said. “But that got to be cost prohibitive, so we took a look at a different approach and that is modifying the upstairs area.”

Along with a modification of adding a fire escape to the roof of the station, some of the renovations will include adding modernized bedrooms along with a bathroom and a fire safe wall between the living area and the fire station itself, he said.

Bids for the project were submitted by Millstone Management Group for $547,729, R.L. Hill Management, Inc. for 590,694, Hummel Construction for $639,500, RFC Contracting LLC for $651,000 and United Contractors, Inc. for $711,000.

“We’d like to get this done as soon as possible, the sooner the better for the guys, but you know in today’s world right now, material availability and all these other things come into play,” said Mr. Claypool. “Plus, now we’re entering into the winter season and so the contractors are going to tell us how much of this work they can do in the winter versus having to wait until spring because they have to cut a hole in the roof and do some other things.”

In other business, trustees approved a payment of invoice relating to 2021 drainage improvements of various roads to Northeast Ohio Trenching Service, Inc. in the amount of $54,419 and the sale of a Dell desktop computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse to Mike Joyce in the amount of $40 as the equipment was deemed obsolete and is no longer used by the township.

New appropriation account codes for he American Rescue Plan Act were also approved related to other salaries in the amount of $10,759 and contracted services in the amount of $359,779 for storm water management.

The next trustees meeting is scheduled for Dec. 2 at 6:30 p.m.

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