Orange police Officer Maicheal Ghobrial helped ultimately arrest the suspect in the deadly shooting of off-duty Cleveland police Officer Shane Bartek.

On Dec. 31, Orange police received an alert from a license plate reader that Officer Bartek’s stolen car was on the move in north Solon. Officer Ghobrial responded to the area of Miles and Brainard roads where he observed the car traveling north.

Officer Ghobrial, with his lights and siren activated, initiated and continued pursuit of the vehicle through Orange, Woodmere, Beachwood, and Lyndhurst at speeds reaching 105 mph.

At one point, the suspect lost control of the vehicle, leaving the roadway, according to a press release by Orange Village Police Department. Officer Ghobrial responded by arming himself with his patrol rifle in case the suspect presented a weapon – however, the suspect regained control of the vehicle, and the chase continued.

As the chase reached the Richmond Heights border, Richmond Heights, Euclid, and Cleveland Police Department’s helicopter took over the chase. The apprehended suspect gave information that directly led to the arrest of the person responsible for the slaying of Officer Bartek.

“Our involvement was pretty short but pretty important,” Police Chief Christopher Kostura told The Times.

Solon’s Flock camera played an important role in learning the location of the suspect, Chief Kostura said. North Randall was chasing him and lost him prior to Officer Ghobrial locating him.

“We’ve had a number of these incidents where our police have been the impetus for the capture of some criminal from someplace that may have occurred not within our community,” Orange Village Council member Judson Kline said at a council meeting where Officer Ghobrial’s actions were commended by Mayor Kathy Mulcahy and council members.

Mayor Mulcahy also applauded the department for working collaboratively with other regional departments.

“We’ve had our police department tested a few too many times this year and each time we can feel so proud,” Mayor Mulcahy said.

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