AUBURN — The board of trustees had a bumpy ride before the start of their regular meeting on Monday as Chairman John Eberly drove into the side of the East Washington Street administration building.

Minutes before the meeting was called to order by Mr. Eberly himself, a crash rattled the building as attendees signed in and found their seats. A few residents braved the cold to peak outside to find Mr. Eberly as the source with the nose of his car pressed against the now-cracked vinyl siding of the building just below the parking lot window.

Fire Chief John Phillips tended to Mr. Eberly, who checked OK with no injuries and was able to proceed with the meeting. No reports were filed at the time.

In other news, the board formally approved the acceptance of a $30,000 NatureWorks grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, taking another step closer to a new park pavilion for the Auburn Community Park off Munn Road.

The trustees first learned they received the grant back in November after applying with the help of the Chagrin River Watershed Partners. The board originally accepted the grant through a motion during the Jan. 9 meeting, but Trustee Patrick J. Cavanagh said the agreement needed to be approved as a resolution instead.

In anticipation of the grant’s approval, Mr. Eberly said he already did some research on log and beam specifications for the structure, looking to the South Russell Village Park pavilion off Bell Road as an example. He added that the Auburn pavilion, however, would be larger at about 40 feet by 60 feet.

Mr. Cavanagh agreed that the South Russell specifications were favorable and noted that most officials seemed to have agreed on this previously.

Though no plans are official as of yet, the trustees also discussed the possibility of having concrete pads beneath the pavilion that could extend about 4 feet around the total perimeter of the structure. Mr. Cavanagh also noted that the pavilion shelter would need gutters and that a fireplace would not be needed due to a nearby fire pit already in the park.

From awarding the bid, Mr. Eberly said the total time frame of the project could take up to three months due to the process of cutting, drying and kiln drying the wood needed for the structure.

Mr. Cavanagh said the board should get the project bid out by late March in hopes of having the pavilion complete before the community picnic in September with more favorable construction conditions unlike last spring’s relentless rain.

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