The Golf Dome at 8198 Washington Street will reopen in February when its new dome will be reinflated, among other changes.

The Golf Dome is slated to reopen under new management in early- to mid-February.

The renovated, modernized golf facility, located at 8198 East Washington Street, will feature new exterior dome fabric, new turf, hitting mats, a tour-quality putting green, a remodeled golf shop, and state-of-the-art TrackMan Studios and Simulators.

“It’s as if you’re playing on a real course,” new owner Matt Creech said about the simulators, which are designed for golf players of all ages and abilities. “They’re really good for performance development.”

Mr. Creech is a 25-year golfer and the general manager of Mayfield Country Club and Sand Ridge Golf Club and a professional competitor in tournaments for the Northern Ohio PGA, of which he is the president.

The new ownership brings 40 years of Professional Golfers’ Association experience to the facility, with a teaching staff of several PGA professionals. PGA membership is the highest level of certification in the professional golf industry, Mr. Creech said.

The Dome is also being rebranded to focus on player development for golfers, with a strong emphasis on developing junior players, according to a press release. This will include an elite junior program, junior golf clinics, summer camp for children ages 5-10, lessons, competitions, and an indoor tournament series, Mr. Creech said.

In addition to the indoor golf experience, the facility features a seasonal 18-hole miniature golf course and batting cages. There is a baseball field on the back of the property.

The exact date of the reopening is tentative, dependent on installation materials.

Mr. Creech’s wife, Jennifer, will be available to help teach in the off-season at The Dome. Both Mr. Creech and his wife, Chesterland residents, are 20-year PGA members and have been ranked as Top 15 Instructors in Ohio by Golf Digest.

Mr. Creech says community and youth sports development are important to him. In addition to his management positions and professional golf career, he coaches travel baseball and golf. He has young athletes for sons, and helps coach basketball at West Geauga.

“We’ve got a real golf family, and a golf background,” Mr. Creech said, adding that he and his family are fond of the Bainbridge and Geauga County areas. “Part of the idea was, we felt like there was a need for golf development and training in Geauga County. We saw there was a void and we needed to create more interest. The opportunity matched with what I wanted to do.”

The dome has been closed since it collapsed due to heavy snow in Dec. 2020.

General Manager Kyle Blumenthal will remain at The Dome when it reopens. Previously, Mr. Blumenthal was a manager at The Wembley Club.

The Golf Dome shares a parking lot with Chagrin Cinemas, housed in a building also owned by Mr. Creech that is in year three of a 10-year lease with Cleveland Cinemas. Chagrin Cinemas has seen an increase in movie attendance this season, according to the press release.

“It’s going to take an area that maybe was a little tired and give it a facelift,” Mr. Creech said. “It will be awesome for the community, youth, sports – it should hit all the right chords.”

Interest has been high since word about The Dome’s comeback has traveled through the community, Mr. Creech said.

“(People are) calling every day, asking, ‘When’s it open?’” Mr. Creech said.

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