The Indian summer of late, with temperatures hovering in the high 60s, means golfers out in full force – still – at Grantwood Golf Course, Director Rich Parker said last week.

“Anytime we can extend the golf season is a good thing,” he said. “There are only so many sunny days in a year, especially in Northeast Oho.”

Despite the weekend snow, temperatures are predicted to rise again soon.

The city-owned course on Aurora Road will remain open as long as weather allows, Mr. Parker said, noting that typically the course closes around this time each year.

“Temperatures drive golf traffic,” he said.

Staff at Grantwood allows play as long as golfers are coming out and there is no risk to damage on the course, he explained.

“It depends how much moisture the ground is holding,” Mr. Parker said.

He said staff has committed themselves to be aggressive with allowing as much golf as possible, especially with an increased interest in the sport due to the pandemic.

“In the past when there was a lot of rain, we would close the course down,” he said.

Mr. Parker said that the recent warmer weather and sunny days have been great.

“The die-hards will come out in anything,” he said, “but sunny days and slightly milder temps keep a lot of people coming.”

Overall, the course continues to be on the up-swing, he said, having an even better year than last.

Golf lessons are increasing as well as participation in clinics.

“It’s been another [one] million-dollar year at Grantwood,” he said of the revenue.

Grantwood operates out of an enterprise fund, he said, explaining that it supports its entire operations through its own revenue.

Banquet room usage remains slow, not anywhere near pre-pandemic bookings, Mr. Parker said. “But that is across the board.” He said banquet rooms are also slow to fill at the Community Center.

“People are still not getting together as often,” he said. “We hope in the coming year that will change.”

Mr. Parker said he is proud of the team at Grantwood.

“The success of the course has much to do with the team in place,” he said. “The staff has risen to the challenge and made the most out of the opportunity, which is increased interest in golf.”

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