Thinking the township needs to start getting back to normal sooner rather than later, Auburn Township Trustee Patrick J. Cavanagh said the township should hold a proper ceremony to honor fallen soldiers.

Mr. Cavanagh told his fellow trustees during their rescheduled Feb. 17 meeting that he had a “soft commitment” for a Memorial Day speaker, without disclosing who, noting the speaker is “a good one.” The trustees rescheduled the meeting from their Feb. 15 meeting date due to the heavy snowfall last week.

“We’ve been talking about it some lately, and I kind of think we should” hold a Memorial Day ceremony, Mr. Cavanagh said. “[We’ve] got to get back normal at some point. I mean, we can socially distance out here.

“I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t go back to honoring our vets,” he added.

Communities across the state and country have been limiting and canceling events due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic over most of 2020 and this year.

Trustee Chairman Mike Troyan said the community has social distancing “down” and that the event is far enough away that they can anticipate more residents will have received vaccinations by then and case counts could decline further.

Mr. Cavanagh said that while the township could utilize Adam Hall for any indoor event, the township should try to keep it entirely outside to reduce any risk of spreading the virus. He said the township should omit the Auburn Museum from any plans for celebration entirely, noting it lacks space for proper social distancing.

No official plans were made for a celebration at the meeting.

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