BAINBRIDGE — The closed Ruby Tuesday building may soon be demolished to make room for a new structure at Market Place at Four Corners to house three or four tenants, possibly including a popular coffeehouse and fast-food casual Mexican eatery.

Bainbridge Board of Zoning Appeals recently approved a conditional-use permit for a shopping strip which would allow the Morgan Properties to move forward with replacing the former Ruby Tuesday restaurant at 7135 Aurora Road (Route 43) with a building for multiple businesses.

Plans call for three or four tenants in the building to be constructed next year. Chipotle Mexican Grill and Starbucks, with a drive-thru window, were mentioned at the Sept. 19 appeals board meeting.

The proposed building will be 7,500 square feet, replacing the existing 5,700 square-foot Ruby Tuesday building on the property that is 1.66 acre in size and is an outparcel at the shopping center.

Morgan Properties, which is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, needed a conditional use permit to go forward with the plan.

Bainbridge Township Trustees previously reviewed the building elevations and architectural plans and gave their approval.

Bainbridge Zoning Inspector Karen Endres said she cannot issue the permit until the appeals board approves the minutes of the previous meeting that should occur at the Oct. 17 session. Once Morgan Properties submits its final plans, Mrs. Endres will review them to ensure they conform to all the approvals.

Morgan Properties’ plan calls for a larger building footprint and less parking than there is now at the site, she said, however they cannot have a larger lot coverage than the Ruby Tuesday plan.

Mrs. Endres noted there are a few places left for building at the Marketplace at Four Corners shopping center off Aurora Road. There is a site next to the Party Center store and in a center area behind the McDonald’s restaurant.

John Wilson, director of development for the Morgan Properties, said while the plan calls for fewer parking spaces than the Ruby Tuesday building, the spaces planned for the site will be adequate for the development.

Mr. Wilson said the Sept. 19 meeting of the appeals board that approved the permit for a multi-tenant building and the zoning certification “went well.”

“The building will have three tenants and possibly four,” he said. They are talking to builders now for the construction.

Bainbridge Township Trustees have the right to review architectural plans for the stores at Marketplace at Four Corners Shopping Center when new plans come in and when there are changes as well. That right was part of the original agreement between the developer and the township when the shopping center was approved years ago.

“We came with the initial sketch and incorporated their concerns, Mr. Wilson said of trustees’ comments. The trustees had wanted more architectural elements, and they stipulated that the roof-top equipment should not be seen from the ground. Trustees also asked for screening at the Dumpsters.

The building is mainly brick and Trustee Jeff Markley had given suggestions for breaking up the brick walls at the back of the building, facing the shopping center. That could include installing windows and incorporating some of the elements of the other walls to break it up.

Mr. Morgan said the building will have a modern look. They will likely start construction next year on the new building. They have not determined yet when the old one will be demolished. There is a lot of work to do before it is taken down, he said, adding “We’re moving as fast as we can.”

If there are any changes to the new building, they would have to go back to the township, he said.

The proposed site plan calls for an entrance and exit off Marketplace Drive, with entrances and exits to the neighboring development and to a shopping center driveway to the rear of the building.

The site plan will increase the current landscaped area by about 150 square feet.

Also underway near Marketplace at Four Corners Shopping Center is a Discount Tire Store, approved by the Bainbridge Board of Zoning Appeals in 2017. It is at 7025 Aurora Road (Route 43), near a new Sherwin Williams Store, and across from the North Marketplace Shopping Center.

The tire dealer sells and installs tires and wheels, but does not provide any oil changes, wheel alignments or work on brakes and mufflers. It does not service vehicles.

The building with one entrance onto Aurora Road is about 10,000 square feet and is solid masonry. It will have about 15 employees and will be closed on Sundays. No cars will be left outside in the parking lot for the night, according to information provided to the board of zoning appeals in 2017.

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