Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District earned the highest letter grade on all aspects of its state report card issued last week, aside from one category. The district did not receive a grade for Improving At-Risk K-3 Readers because it did not have a high enough number of students to report, according to state officials.

Chagrin Falls is one of 31 districts in Ohio to receive an overall grade of A, giving it a ranking of No. 3 in the state based on the performance index. The district’s performance index, which measures test results of students on all grade levels, rose to 109.2 out of 120 possible points compared to last year’s overall score of 107.1, according to results issued by the Ohio Department of Education on Sept. 12. Ohio has 608 public school districts with Solon ranked first and Rocky River second.

“Overall, we’re very pleased with the results,” Superintendent Robert Hunt said. “We’re very proud to be No. 3 in the state of Ohio, and our high school is No. 1.

“The achievement component is one that we really monitor, we think it’s a good way to monitor progress,” he added. “I think what has led to that is a lot of hard work from our staff” to intervene when students show signs of needing help.

The district met 23 out of 24 indicators this year, with eighth grade mathematics being the only indicator not meet due to just 68.4 percent of students in that grade achieving a passing score.

“Obviously, that’s one area we’re looking at,” Mr. Hunt said, adding that many eighth grade students have actually already advanced to high school algebra, with their scores not being included in the overall eighth grade testing results. “It’s an area where we still will do what we need to do to address those issues,” Mr. Hunt said.

The improvement in performance index, along with meeting one more indicator than last year, is why the district’s letter grade has risen to an A in achievement compared to last year’s B, according to the state results.

Students with exceptionalities showed improvement, as the district’s grade rose from a B to an A in that category within the overall Progress component. The overall Progress component measures the growth that all students are making based on their past performances, with the Students with Disabilities specifically measuring the growth of students with exceptionalities.

The district has also further improved in the Prepared for Success component, receiving an A this year in contrast to last year’s B. This component measures how well students are getting ready for future opportunities through college entrance exam remediation-free scores, the number of Honors Diplomas awarded, Advanced Placement exam scores and College Credit Plus credit accrual.

While the scores are a helpful way for Chagrin to track progress, Mr. Hunt said, “it’s just one factor we look at when developing our district.”

They’re not the end all, be all,” he said. District officials will discuss their report card results in depth in a public meeting on Sept. 25 at 6 p.m., and consider goals that could be put in place in response, Mr. Hunt said.

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