Maintenance updates in Bentleyville

Bentleyville Service Director Lloyd Nagle gave an update during the village’s Streets and Safety Committee meeting Sept. 11 that he received quotes between $2,600 and $2,823 to update one of the service trucks to attach a snow plow. Mr. Nagle also reported that the hydraulic piston on one of the plow trucks was replaced, which was completed at $2,200.

It was also reported that pressure washing and painting of Village Hall was completed. Council approved the bid cost of the power washing and partial painting during the regular June meeting at $1,640 with CertaPro Painters of Chagrin Falls. During this month’s streets and safety meeting, additional sections of the Village Hall were identified, and police Chief Gabe Barone said he will follow up with the painting service for additional quotes.

Chagrin gets fire funds

Chagrin Falls Fire Department is receiving $70,476 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Assistance to Firefighters Grant, according to U.S. Rep. Dave Joyce, R-Bainbridge.

 “Our fire departments and emergency responders are the first line of defense in our communities when disaster strikes,” Rep. Joyce said. “When I talk with firefighters across Northeast Ohio, I consistently hear about the funding and personnel challenges their departments face. We need to do everything we can so that the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to keep our families and communities safe are protected and adequately equipped while on the job.”

Capt. John Catani said the funds will be well used. “As a regionalized department for the last 122 years, our budget and capital costs are very tight with the goal of delivering a high-quality service at a relatively low cost to the six communities we serve.” Though the village has a fire department, it is part of the regional Chagrin Falls Suburban Volunteer Fireman’s Association that provides services for neighboring communities.

“This award will help us to protect our own members from the diesel exhaust fumes, which is part of an initiative in our department to decrease our exposure to carcinogens at fires and within our station,” Capt. Catani said.

“Most departments have limited funds for these types of projects and our department is no exception,” Chagrin Falls Fire Chief Frank Zugan said.  “We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive funding from the AFG program and support from” Rep. Joyce, he added.

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