BENTLEYVILLE –– With the village’s back against the start of leaf pick-up next week and the looming winter season, Streets and Safety Committee Chairman Ken Kvacek said last week that construction on the new salt storage bin will have to wait until spring of 2020.

Mr. Kvacek updated the committee and some council members during the Oct. 9 meeting on the progress of the salt bin foundation design that does not meet state code.

“We have not had any forward progress from the engineer for the company that we selected to make modifications [to the construction plans],” he said of Miller Builders, LLC. The village has tried to get in contact with the company’s engineer to determine additional costs to meet state requirements for the foundation of the structure, Mr. Kvacek said.

Last month, Mayor Leonard Spremulli informed Village Council that because the village does not have a nonresidential certified building department, Bentleyville will have to adhere to state code. The state did not approve the specifications, he said, and Village Engineer and Building Official Jeff Filarski estimated the additional cost to be about $25,000.

The current contract with Miller Builders is $46,780, and the project was originally slated to be completed in June of this year.

Mr. Filarski had said he would process his nonresidential certification for the village during last month’s council meeting to determine if the village could carry on with the current design of the bin to avoid the additional costs to the project.

Mr. Kvacek said Mr. Filarski is in the process of obtaining the certification for the village’s building department. Either way, he said, the project will have to wait until spring regardless if the new village certification is used for the current design or state building standards are followed for the altered design.

He explained that having the salt on hand stands in the way of preparing the service trucks for leaf pick-up and snow plowing.

“We’re getting backed up to the salt that we currently have on hand, the salt that is anticipated being delivered by year-end. The salt is also in the way of one of the bays, which is also in the way of plow attachments, which is also in the way of leaf boxes,” Mr. Kvacek said.

Through a contract with the Ohio Department of Transportation and Cargill Diecing Technology, Bentleyville will need to accept a minimum delivery of 300 tons of salt left over from last year’s order by the end of the year.

In April, Service Director Lloyd Nagle said the village had 100 tons of salt on hand with room for about 150 tons more. Originally, the village would have had to accept the delivery of their remaining salt by the end of April, but they were able to hold off on the delivery by storing the salt with Cargill at a $15 flat rate charge per ton through Dec. 31, totaling about $4,500.

Mr. Kvacek said that even if the contracted company could start the construction right away, it would take three to four weeks to complete the project. “If we get an early snow, we only have one truck – the one-ton [truck] – that would be able to take care of the road right now because the [other] trucks aren’t ready to go,” Mr. Kvacek said.

“The mayor suggested that we relocate the salt back into the storage bin, put a hold on the (new) salt bin,” he said. “The engineer felt comfortable and Lloyd feels comfortable that the stability of the existing bin should be okay through the winter.”

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