BENTLEYVILLE — Village Service Director Lloyd Nagle told Streets and Safety Committee members last week that the Ohio Department of Transportation issued a letter offering a new flat rate for postponed salt deliveries. This applies to municipalities that have ordered road salt in advance, but do not have the room to house it all on site. The state also finalized the price per ton for new orders of salt.

Mr. Nagle said during the May 8 meeting that the ODOT contract previously required municipalities to pay a fee of $10 per month per ton to hold delivery past the May 31 deadline for accepting leftover salt. The letter, however, stated that all municipalities with leftover salt will be charged a flat fee of $15 per ton for Cargill Deicing Technology to store the excess salt between June 1 and Dec. 31 instead.

While this change could save some municipalities thousands of dollars, Mr. Nagle said, it would increase the cost to Bentleyville. Moreland Hills, for example, has about 1,500 tons of salt left to be delivered, he explained, and would save money under the new pricing system if it delays the delivery from Cargill.

Councilman Alex Goetsch explained that the new plan would cost Bentleyville more money because the village probably only needs to postpone the delivery for just one month while new salt bins are constructed in Bentleyville.

Construction on the new bins, estimated to cost $46,780, should begin in early June, Council President and Committee Chairman Ken Kvacek said, and be completed by the end of the month.

Mr. Kvacek said under the new price for postponing delivery, if the village takes in the minimum requirement of 300 tons out of the 400 tons the village has remaining at Cargill – totaling 900 out of 1,000 tons ordered for the year to meet the ODOT contract’s 90 percent delivery requirement – it would cost $4,500. Postponing under the previous plan would have cost Bentleyville just $3,000 for one month.

“I mean, if it turns out we need a month and a half, we’re better off under this plan than we would have been under a $10 per ton per month [plan] because that would have been $6,000 versus $4,500,” Mr. Goetsch added acknowledging ODOT’s intent to save municipalities money with the new plan.

“I think [ODOT’s] probably saying, ‘OK, we’ll do that until the end of December because so many people are full of salt right now,’” Mr. Kvacek said on why he believed the change was made.

Mr. Nagle and Mr. Kvacek said Nickol Sell, the village fiscal officer, will reach out to the department to see if the village could get a discounted rate for postponing the delivery for a shorter period of time.

As for the price of new salt, Mr. Nagle said this year’s cost will be $73.28 per ton for Bentleyville, about $9 more than last year’s $64 per ton. In last month’s meeting, the committee decided the village will order just 400 tons of salt for the next winter season, bringing the total cost of new salt for Bentleyville to about $29,300.

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