BENTLEYVILLE — Discussions are underway in regard to the proposed dedication of a private roadway in the village.

Mayor Leonard Spremulli said during the June 16 council meeting that the village held a meeting with the Overlook Road residents about dedicating the private road to the municipality. While the village has helped maintain the road in the past, he explained that due to its condition, it has become increasingly difficult for plow trucks to get all the way to the end and back.

Unless certain repairs are done on the road, which he estimated to cost a total of about $9,000 out of pocket for the residents, the village will no longer plow the cul-de-sac. The alternative is for residents to dedicate the road to the village making it a public roadway.

In most instances with private roads, responsibility of maintenance and its associated costs falls on the residents, homeowners associations or private organizations.

There are nine properties on Overlook Road, plus the adjacent Village Hall, officially located on Chagrin River Road, Mayor Spremulli said. The road begins at the intersection of Chagrin River and Solon roads in the village, tucked behind Village Hall.

Mayor Spremulli said eight out of the nine property owners have agreed to dedicate the private road to the village, plus village officials. With the lone opposition, the mayor was unsure where the agreement stands since all property owners must support the change. He said the village is included in this unanimous decision because its property abuts the road.

“They need to have a 100-percent participation, so I’m not sure where that’s going to go,” he told Village Council in his report. If the full support does end up going through, he added, the total estimated cost of the dedication would be about $128,000 to bring the road to village standards.

Councilman Ken Kvacek explained that this would include repairs like resurfacing and paving and addressing the difficult turnaround at the end of the road.

Mayor Spremulli said the village would front the cost, likely in the form of a bond issuance that the Overlook Road residents would reimburse through assessed real estate taxes over a 20-year period.

Mayor Spremulli said the village has been plowing the road since before he became mayor, but if the residents either don’t get their unanimous vote or complete the repairs out of pocket, the village can no longer offer this service.

Sam joined the Times in 2019 and covers several communities and schools in the Chagrin Valley and Geauga County. She also oversees the features/community events and the website. She earned her bachelor's degree in journalism from Kent State University.

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