The Burton Village Planning Committee took steps last week to pave the way for the expansion of a local car dealership.

The committee discussed a zoning certificate application submitted by landowner Paul Demko, Jr. and approved a motion for a lot split and consolidation of an adjoining property located at 13483 Kinsman Road.

Mr. Demko is requesting to split 2 acres from 28.7728 acres on Kinsman Road in preparation for a sale to Pat Preston of Preston Real Estate Holdings, LLC for the expansion of Preston Kia auto dealership.

“The permit that has been submitted is for a 2-acre lot split, west of adjoining the 5 acres,” said Dennis Ibold, attorney for Mr. Preston. “The 2 acres will be consolidating into the 5 acres and will be a new legal 7-acre description.”

In July, the planning committee approved a lot split to separate 5 acres of Mr. Demko’s 40 acres on Kinsman Road clearing the way for a sale to Preston in the amount of $400,000.

The purpose for the lot split and consolidation is to give Mr. Preston room to create a buffer zone between the business and the residential district.

Mr. Demko and Preston have been working together for the past seven years to develop the Demko property and expand the Preston auto dealership pursuant to a contract under trust dated Apr. 11, 2003 to purchase the 5-acre parcel of land on the south side of State Route 87 in the Village of Burton.

Mr. Ibold explained to the Planning Commission that the rezoning request involves the 2-acre split from Residential to B-1.

In previous meetings, Mr. Preston said he wants to work with the village and neighbors, but there is a need to expand his business. Preston Chevrolet Cadillac Kia Superstore, he said, does about $150 million worth of business annually ultimately benefitting the village.

Village Council will consider the matter at an upcoming meeting.

The commission meeting was held on the second floor of the Burton Branch of the Geauga County Public Library on Jan. 6.

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