Akron Zoo visits Jordak Elementary School

Jordak Elementary School music teacher Joel Kithcart feeds a porcupine as second-grade teacher Sharron Callahan watches nervously. The porcupine came from the Akron Zoo as part of their animal ambassador program.

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Akron Zoo visits Jordak

Animals took over Jordak Elementary School’s gym just before spring break in March. The animals were from the Akron Zoo and were there as part of the zoo’s education animal ambassador program to teach students that some animals like to eat some of the same healthy foods that are found in the JES cafeteria. Along with that, students also had a chance to see a turtle, snake and a porcupine up close.

Leading up to the event, students enjoyed a zoo-themed lunch that included broccoli trees and go-ape bananas. The zoo says the program is a great way to remind students to make healthy choices and try new foods.

Second-graders create food pyramids

Jordak Elementary School second-graders recently learned about the importance of plant and animal groups and how one cannot live without the other. Following a short film explaining this, students then worked together in groups to create a food pyramid to better understand how many of these living things are needed to coexist. At the bottom of the pyramid, students used green blocks to show the plants, which is always the biggest group. Next comes the brown layer, which represents the animals that eat the plants – this is a much smaller group. Finally, at the top of the pyramid is one red block to represent the animal that eats other small animals for survival. The number of blocks for each color depicts an accurate representation of living things at each level. The school thanks science guy Claire Zurbuch for providing the insight to students.

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