Man reports gift card scam

A Burton Township man became the latest victim of a scam last week.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said a Jug Street resident reported Monday that he had provided the codes for two gift cards, totaling $1,300, to someone over the phone that had represented themselves as being with the Social Security Administration.

The resident told deputies he had been advised by the caller that he needed to obtain a new social security number because his had been used in a drug ring. The gift cards were supposedly needed to obtain the new number.

The resident told deputies that the telephone number that had called him was no longer in service and the message they left on his cell phone had been deleted.

Porch thieves at work

A Newbury Township resident reported the theft Monday of packages left at their home.

According to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, a Dianne Drive resident reported Monday that a package, containing iPhones and cell phones and valued at $2,200, had been taken.

Deputies checked with the delivery company and learned the packages had been delivered to the home that day.

Deputies were checking with neighbors to see if anyone saw suspicious activities in the neighborhood.

Purse, phone reported stolen

A Newbury Township resident reported the theft of their purse and phone last week.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said a Dianne Drive resident reported on Oct. 31 that the purse and phone had been stolen two weeks earlier.

The resident said the items were taken while they were outside Geauga County, possibly in Cleveland or Independence.

An investigation is continuing.

OVI court convictions

The following persons were convicted of drunken driving last week in Chardon Municipal Court:

Jeffrey R. Hadzinsky, 32, of Lakewood; Matthew R. Repp, 27, of Parma; Matthew Thomas Burns, 35, of Newbury Township; Timothy Delgado, 59, of Twinsburg; Wendy Funk, 43, of Chardon; and Steven E. Oren, 53, of Chester Township.

Raised voices over fallen leaves

Police were called last week after neighbors in a Munson Township neighborhood began arguing over fallen leaves.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said a Burlington Ridge Drive resident called Nov. 2 to report that neighbors were arguing over leaves being blown back and forth between the two properties.

Although one neighbor insisted that he was not blowing the leaves intentionally into his neighbor’s yard, he promised to try to avoid doing so in the future.

Blowing leaves hit car

A woman called police last week after blowing leaves hit her car.

According to the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office, a woman driving near Auburn and Mentor roads in Chardon Township Nov. 2, reported that a man blowing leaves had caused the leaves to hit her car.

The deputy reported that no damage had been done to the car. The woman told the deputy the man was creating a traffic hazard.

Although the deputy checked the area for the offending party, no one could be found blowing leaves onto the road.

Stolen credit card reported

A Burton Township resident reported the fraudulent use of their credit card last week.

The Geauga County Sheriff’s Office said a Broadwood Drive resident reported Nov. 2 that someone had used their credit card to purchase an $840 iPad. The resident was notified by a store in Aurora that the item was ready to be picked up.

The resident told deputies they believed their card had been “scanned” while they were shopping at Aurora Farms.

The resident was reimbursed by his bank for the charge.

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