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Students stall teachers for good cause

Chagrin Falls Middle School kicked off the season of giving by participating in Giving Tuesday. This initiative refers to the Tuesday after Thanksgiving where people internationally give to those in need to begin the charitable holiday season.

Stall the Teacher FUNdraiser

Chagrin Falls Middle School teacher Tammy Mrofchak counts out the change her class brought in during the Stall the Teacher FUNdraiser on Giving Tuesday Nov. 20. Teachers couldn’t begin class until all the change was counted during each class period, and CFMS raised more than $1,300 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

CFMS has a monthly character trait that students try to emulate, and November’s trait is philanthropy. Giving Tuesday fit well with the character trait as philanthropy is defined as promoting the welfare of others, especially in the form of generous donations to good causes.

The CFMS Principal’s Advisory Council led the Stall the Teacher FUNdraiser, which took place on Nov. 20. The proceeds from the fundraiser went to the Northern Ohio chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. The society works to cure leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

The fundraiser took place in every class period and every teacher participated. Students were encouraged to bring in donations to the LLS in the form of change. They could donate whatever amount they chose and in however many classes they wanted. The money was given to the teachers at the beginning of class before the bell rang. The teacher then had to count the donations, seal them in a bag and write down the amount. Class did not start until the teacher completed counting, resulting in “stalling the teachers.”

More than $1,300 was donated at the local Coinstar on Giving Tuesday. Class winners were Kathleen Aranavage’s fourth period class and Marissa Ausperk’s first period class. Classroom winners were Kathleen Aranavage, Marissa Ausperk, Geoff Brown, Tamara Mrofchak and Todd Thombs.

Attorneys teach argument writing

The eighth-graders at Chagrin Falls Middle School learned about effective argument writing from two professionals who use the skill in their profession on a regular basis. During the week of Nov. 5, attorneys Mark Fusco and Steve Crandall volunteered to speak to students and help them gain knowledge about using professionalism in the English language and writing with a specific audience in mind.


Attorney Mark Fusco talks to Chagrin Falls eighth-graders about argument writing and using professionalism in the English language. Students conducted a mock court case after learning from attorneys and reading “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton.

Students heard about real life cases and how the attorneys build strong arguments with evidence while gracefully acknowledging counterclaims. They asked the attorneys about the real cases and what it is like to be in the field of law.

After the visit, students used their newfound knowledge to write arguments for a pretend court case after reading the novel “The Outsiders” by S.E. Hinton. In the assignment, some students played the role of a defense attorney while some were prosecutors. Others chose to be witnesses and give testimonies as if they were characters from the novel. Students participated in a Socratic seminar to discuss their opinions and make their cases.

Science professionals wanted

Chagrin Falls Middle School is hosting a career day on May 15, 2019 and looking for volunteer presenters who work in the science field. The goal of the day is for students to connect their own science curriculum to the opportunities in the science field described by community members, friends, neighbors and family.

The ideal presenters will be individuals in a science or technology field who are interested in sharing their experiences with the students at CFMS.

The middle school science teachers are asking volunteers to present for 15-20 minutes about their career, education, career path, the required continued education for the position and the day-to-day operations. In addition to the general information, presenters can give facts about their job such as what they find most demanding, interesting and anything else inspirational that they feel would be relevant to the student’s interest as they consider possible future career paths. The time schedule allows for two to three presenters per each 45-minutes science class.

Those interested should fill out the interest form link at (case sensitive) with the career choice they are willing to share.

November ‘Super News’ available

The latest issue of Chagrin Falls Schools’ digital magazine, “Super News,” can be viewed at (case sensitive) or by visiting This issue features a message from our superintendent, board of education and treasurer as well as stories and highlights on the Intermediate School construction project. Dozens of stories feature our students, staff and buildings and all they have accomplished this past month.

For archived issues of all communications from Chagrin Falls Schools, visit

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