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District earns $20,000 grant

During a session titled “Turning Research into Practice” at their annual conference on Feb. 3, the Ohio Parks and Recreation Association honored Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools, recognizing Chagrin schools as part of their “Promotes Play Initiative.” Chagrin schools received a $20,000 grant to offset local bond funds for the construction of the new Chagrin Falls Intermediate School playground this past summer. 

The grant supports public places of play and recreation. The new playground was constructed to promote healthy lifestyles with key design elements aligned to the National Standards for Physical Education. Those design elements include balancing, climbing and brachiating (endurance, hand-eye coordination and rhythmic movement).  Chagrin schools staff worked collaboratively with architects and outdoor recreation professionals to develop the concept for the playground. 

Computer science honor given

Chagrin Falls High School student Anais Levi won National Honorable Mention from the National Center for Women and Technology (NCWIT). NCWIT created “Aspirations in Computing,” which encourages diversity in computing and technology and gives awards to students and educators who make strides in reaching this goal. The criteria for the selections include computing experience, courage in the face of barriers and post-secondary education plans. This year, 400 national recipients rose to the top from more than 4,700 applications. Forty are selected as National Winners, and 360 are selected as National Honorable Mention recipients.

High School earns diversity award 

Chagrin Falls High School earned the College Board AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award for achieving high female representation in AP Computer Science A. In 2019, Chagrin was one of 143 schools recognized in the category of AP Computer Science A. Twenty-one Chagrin girls took the AP test in computer science in 2019 with an average score of 4.39, which is higher than the Ohio girls average score of 3.47.

“We’re proud to see the creativity, commitment and enthusiasm our female students have demonstrated in their study of AP Computer Science A,” Superintendent Robert Hunt said.

Book club meets author via Skype

On Jan. 23, members of the Chagrin Falls Middle School Book Club enjoyed their conversation with author John David Anderson via Skype. Following Mr. Anderson’s visit in the 2018-19 school year, the students were excited to read his latest book “Finding Orion.”

Mr. Anderson answered questions from book club members and asked a follow-up question to each student. He also discussed what it is like to be an author and encouraged students to find their passion in life. Students will create art inspired from the book using equipment in the Creation Lab.

Students win Scholastic awards

Middle school and high school students were recognized at the Scholastic Art & Writing Exhibition at the Cleveland Institute of Art in January. Works of art that received a gold or silver award were displayed for the public in the Reinberger Gallery, and honorable mention artwork was displayed digitally in the gallery.

Special award winners include: senior Robin Barth, who won the Cleveland Institute of Art Recognition Award for the second year in a row, which includes a $20,000 dollar scholarship to the Cleveland Institute of Art for her work; junior Jade Kruyne, who won the distinguished award for Best in Show in Comic Art for her work “Willow Wood”; sophomore Sophia Avery won two distinguished awards – an American Vision Nominee (Overall Best in Show) and Best in Show in the Painting Category (Sue Wall Painting Award); and senior Katie Baker won Best in Show in Jewelry for her “Subtractive Ring.”

The nonprofit Alliance for Young Artists & Writers reveals teenagers’ outstanding artistic and literary talent to a national audience through the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Students in seventh through 12th grade can apply in 29 categories of art and writing.

Students honored:

Gold Keys

  • Sophia Avery: “Grey Expressions” – Painting
  • Sophia Avery: “The Edge of Nothingness” – Painting/American Visions Nominee
  • Katherine Baker: “Subtractive Ring” – Jewelry
  • Libby Bare: “Cornered By Depression” – Sculpture
  • Robin Barth: “Ava and her Skulls” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Rose Hoelzel: “Aztec Sunstone Ring” – Jewelry
  • Jade Kruyne: “Black and white” – Comic Art
  • Jade Kruyne: “Willow Wood” – Comic Art
  • Mary Mahoney: “Milk” – Mixed Media
  • Mary Mahoney: “Liminality” – Art Portfolio
  • Che Sinclair: “Tomorrow’s Tomorrow” – Mixed Media
  • Che Sinclair: “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” – Mixed Media
  • Lily Winans: “Biology Mural Design” – Design

Silver Keys

  • Katherine Baker: “Back to Our Roots” – Sculpture
  • Katherine Baker: “Mother Nature” – Sculpture
  • Katherine Baker: “Developmental Competition” – Art Portfolio
  • Robin Barth: “Hiding in the Banana Leaves” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Robin Barth: “Mistress Nature Emerging” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Robin Barth: “Bloom” – Art Portfolio
  • Mason Briggs: “The Warrior’s Last Stride” – Jewelry
  • Audrey Charlton: “Drown” – Mixed Media
  • Jacob Maher: “Machine Gun Kelly” – Photography
  • Isabel Pulte: “Unpoppable” – Ceramics & Glass
  • Isabel Pulte: “Nature’s Crown” – Ceramics & Glass
  • Lily Winans: “Splish, Splash, Having a Bash!” – Comic Art
  • Simone Zingales: “Veggie Burger” – Ceramics & Glass
  • Honorable Mentions
  • Sophia Avery: “Niantic” – Digital Art
  • Katherine Baker: “Asian Fusion Lantern” – Architecture & Industrial Design
  • Katherine Baker: “Green Lawn, Green Earth?” – Sculpture
  • Libby Bare: “Check All That Apply” – Sculpture
  • Robin Barth: “Mary Amongst the Forest Floor” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Robin Barth: “Diptych in Nature” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Robin Barth: “Our Galaxy” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Audrey Charlton: “Dripped” – Digital Art
  • Audrey Charlton: “Seascape” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Audrey Charlton: “Atmospheric Mood” – Art Portfolio
  • Morgan Kittle: “Mangled Beauty” – Photography
  • Jacob Maher: “Jacob Maher” – Photography
  • Victoria Mrofchak: “Elegance of Space” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Victoria Mrofchak: “Winter Morning” – Painting
  • Samuel Rodriguez: “The Face of Me, Samuel Christopher Rodriguez, Me, My Face” – Drawing & Illustration
  • Lily Winans: “Rum Running” – Comic Art
  • Lily Winans: “Birds, Birds, Birds!” – Drawing & Illustration

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