CHAGRIN FALLS — The cost of repaving roadways on the campus for grades seven through 12 are on the increase.

The Chagrin Falls Exempted Village School District board last week authorized additional funds not to exceed $99,855 to EMOD Construction, LLC for paving the campus off East Washington Street that is home to the middle and high schools. The paving project may cost even more, officials said.

The new costs are an addition to the $2.4 million construction project that includes the parking lot expansion already underway for the Chagrin Falls High School after the construction and removal of the temporary modular unit school, replacing five tennis courts, for the Chagrin Falls Intermediate students. The $99,855 will cover the additional repaving of the campus’ main drive, south drive and the drive in front of Chagrin Falls Middle School, explained Christopher Woofter, director of Operations and Strategic Initiatives.

The BOE contracted with EMOD Construction for the $2.4 million construction project, which included the parking lot expansion for the high school after the modular units were removed and the board decided not to reinstall the tennis courts. Mr. Woofter said the board then agreed to include the additional repaving of the drives while the construction company already had the equipment on site for the parking lot.

The modular units housed intermediate students for the past two years while the $29 million Intermediate School renovation and expansion was underway. The finished school is set to open for classes this August for the 2019-2020 academic year.

Michael Chrisman, president of EMOD Construction, addressed the school board on July 8 explaining the change order to cover the paving and informed members that several catch basins in the parking lot that are in “pretty bad shape” could be in need of reparations or replacement making the project even more expensive.

Mr. Woofter explained that the catch basins are collapsing and that Mr. Chrisman advised that it would be more efficient for them to be replaced or repaired while the pavement is already torn apart. Mr. Woofter said that this is considered what is called an “unforeseen condition” in construction when other problems are found in the course of a project.

Though the cost has not yet been determined, Mr. Woofter said the price should be modest.

Board President Kathryn Garvey said that she did not expect the potential additional costs of the catch basins and asked Mr. Chrisman to keep the board up to date.

“We like to have a lot of visibility on change orders there might be coming forward. I didn’t realize that beyond the [$99,855] there would be some potential, additional costs,” Mrs. Garvey said. “When you have information that gives a little bit more visibility on this cost that would be very helpful for us because we’re getting to where bond proceeds and the allocation of those [proceeds] is starting to get pretty tight.”

She added that she understands that all aspects of the project cannot be anticipated well in advance and that the board has other funds that can be pulled to cover costs if necessary.

“I think it’s a great thought to try to do improvements on all of our campuses with the proceeds the community provided us with approving the bond to improve the Intermediate school,” she said, “which is what we’re trying to do is give every campus a little bit of a face lift in areas where really needed.”

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