Chagrin Falls Village Council will meet at 6 p.m. on July 8 to discuss the revised zoning map and code changes protested by some as restrictive, unnecessary and damaging to property values.

The complaints were voiced during last week’s public hearing on the legislation that would enable the changes had council voted on them.

Some residents said they were not notified about the hearing.

This week Mayor William Tomko, in a letter to residents on the village’s official government page, preempted the coming discussion by announcing some of their complaints have since been addressed.

Among the issues is the proposed rezoning of residential land touching the water to a parks designation. Residents spoke against this fearing people would trespass on private property.

The irony, according to village law director Dale Markowitz, is these properties had been zoned parks and institutions all along.

The proposed change to simply “parks” became necessary when the village Planning Commission decided to separate parks from institutions making them two separate category districts.

“There was no attempt to rezone or change private property to public use, just an inadvertent bad choice of words,” Mayor Tomko said of the parks designation.

“These parcels on the revised map will take the zoning designation of the abutting district that zones the non-river portion of their lots.”

Most, if not all, of these are in residential zones.

Owners of the Spillway property east of Cleveland Street stated that they never received notice that their mixed zoning was about to be rezoned for residential use. This would diminish other types of development and make the property more difficult to sell, owners indicated.

Mayor Tomko said Spillway will be made whole, retaining the mixed use overlay zoning and all parcels designated as limited industrial. 

“The village appreciates the input received from the residents and will consider these changes which were a part of a two-plus year process of revising the code,” the mayor said. “Residents will be notified of future meetings,” he stated.

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