Leaf pickup begins Oct. 21

Village of Chagrin Falls Street Department will begin the annual leaf pick-up program on Oct. 21 with crews starting at the south end of town and working their way north.

Leaves should be piled in long windrows within 4 feet of the curb on the tree lawn wherever possible.

On streets with ditches, leaves should be raked as close to the road as possible in windrows, but not blocking the ditch. Leaves should not be raked into the street as they will cause drainage problems.

Branches, twigs, and flower cuttings must not be put in the leaf piles as they will clog up the vacuum equipment and slow down the pick-up considerably. Inclement weather will slow down the pick-up and may delay collection.

The street department makes four to six rounds a year and will begin the final pick-up on Nov. 25. After that date residents are asked to bag their leaves and set them out on their regular trash collection day.

There is no yard waste pick-up program in spring.

Movie star spotted in Chardon

A high-profile movie star stopped traffic last week in Chardon Township.

Geauga County Sheriff deputies were called to the Little Eagle Beverage store on Chardon Road (Route 6) Sept. 24 after a motorist reported traffic backed up and “lots of cameras set up.” While the deputy found no major traffic problems, he did stumble on actor Liam Neeson on scene.

Mr. Neeson was playing the role of a man protecting a young girl as both are fleeing a cartel. The upcoming movie is titled “The Minuteman.” The filming was expected to be done in Wellington in Lorain County, but apparently found the Geauga County hills appropriate for at least one scene in the movie.

Local Facebook pages captured the scene as people snapped pictures of the famed actor.

Greening of hills

Moreland Hills Village is holding a Greening of the Hills 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday at Village Hall. Residents can bring their hazardous wastes, papers to be shredded confidentially, computer and electronics, oil-based paints, prescription drugs, batteries, scrap metal, tires, etc. Please bring a nonperishable food item for the Service Department’s food drive or clothing/household items for a Goodwill donation.

Village Hall is located at 4350 SOM Center Road.

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