City to pay for recycling

Chagrin Falls will pay an addition $12,000 a year for curbside recycling, Mayor William Tomko announced during Monday’s council meeting.

The upcharge was written into the original contract with Kimble, the village’s trash collection provider. Terms are not negotiable, nor can the village cancel the service during mid-contract. The anticipated increase is based on the inability to find markets for what residents have been recycling on a routine basis. Now the unwanted items, such as glass, litter the recycling stream and that becomes costly.

“It has become cheaper to throw the stuff away,” the mayor told council. “We hope that situation improves” as new uses are identified for recyclable materials and new markets open up, he said.

Until then residents will find their recycling bins are not filling up as fast, but the contents will be reusable and cost-saving. Residents have started to receive updated information on what is now recyclable and what is no longer being accepted.

Mayor Tomko said he will be watching closely when North Olmsted opens its recycling bids later this week.

“When they do, we will know better where we stand,” he added.

Electrical problem causing backup

A locally centered electrical problem could be the reason for continued failure of the Main and Washington Street traffic signal to cycle properly, Chagrin Falls Village Council members were advised Monday.

This has been causing traffic backup issues in that section of downtown Chagrin Falls.

Bringing FirstEnergy into the continuing conversation about mis-performing signals is the next step, safety committee chair Angela DeBernardo said. The utility has disavowed any problem within the Chagrin Falls grid, but there are anecdotal accounts from residents about continued power surge problems. The village’s own experience with a blown generator and booster station electrical problems indicate a village-wide electrical malfunction does exist, Mayor William Tomko added.

Until a solution is found, Washington Street motorists will experience east-bound traffic backups, Mrs. DeBernardo said.

Council selects new ARB member

At their meeting on Monday, the Chagrin Falls Council confirmed Mayor William Tomko’s selection of William Childs to replace Robert Barclay on the Architectural Review Board. Mr. Childs is a certified architect with offices in Chagrin Falls. The appointment runs for two years. Mr. Barclay, who was a voting member and chairman of the five-member ARB, resigned for health reasons. A new chair will be selected by the board.

Officer fundraises through ride

Chagrin Falls police officer Dennis Nyce will “Honor the Fallen” with his 250-mile bicycle ride from New Jersey to Washington DC in support of the families of police officers killed in the line of duty during this year’s Honor the Fallen ride.

His goal is to raise $2,000 toward the Law Enforcement United organization’s $200,000 goal.

Riders are welcomed at the finish line by family members of those police officers who died in the line of duty during the past year.

“This will be my 5th year riding with LEU and I have met so many incredible people that this group has helped. I can’t think of a better cause to support and I can’t thank you enough for supporting me in this challenging endeavor,” officer Nyce said on his LEU contribution page.

Those wishing to donate are asked to go to

New water meters detect spike

On Monday, Chagrin Falls Councilman James Newell reported installation of new water meter heads is 90-percent complete and the new system has already found its first leak. The new smart meters can pinpoint addresses where leaks are occurring and one of them detected and reported a water spike at one property.

Mr. Newell said when water department workers checked the address, they found a back-yard hose had been left running and may not have been noticed for weeks.

“That could have meant thousands of dollars,” Mayor William Tomko said.

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