Chagrin Falls’ Democracy Day, formerly known as Move to Amend Day, will be held March 4 with activities beginning at 9 a.m. via a Zoom celebration featuring speakers and comments from anyone else wishing to add their thoughts.

For instructions on how to attend and participate in the virtual celebration, visit the Village of Chagrin Falls meeting calendar at the week of the meeting.

Scheduled speakers and their subjects include Lynne Rustad, corporate influences on health care; Becky Thomas, fair elections; Diana Nazelli, Ohio’s nuclear power plant bailout bill; Judy Kramer, education funding in Ohio; Judy Majcen, gun safety; Greg Coleridge, principles of “Move to Amend;” Stephen Thomas, the environment; Kathryn Garvey and Sharon Broz, Chagrin Falls Schools’ building of a task force on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

On Nov. 4, 2016 Chagrin Falls voters joined others across the country in approving local ballot issues asking for a U.S. Constitutional amendment  declaring only human beings, not corporations, are legal persons with Constitutional rights and money is not equivalent to speech.

In Chagrin Falls voters approved the issue by 65 percent. In accordance with the village ordinance subsequent to the election, Move to Amend Day is to be held every odd numbered year in March.

Mrs. Thomas, a leader of the original Move to Amend movement in Chagrin Falls, said this week that the observance became Democracy Day in keeping with the national organization’s decision to change the name.

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