CHAGRIN FALLS — Wood forms and orange barrels have taken over Triangle Park in the downtown shopping district with the second phase of the sidewalk replacement underway.

Chief Administrative Officer Robert Jamieson said the village is in the second phase of its three-year project, having started last year with the replacement of the center circle of the park.

“Last year we budgeted for the first phase of a three-year project to replace all of the walking paths in Triangle Park with a true red brick,” Mr. Jamieson said. He said the walkways in the park were originally concrete paver bricks, which have deteriorated over time and were losing color due to wear and tear. He added that the concrete was also becoming “rippled,” making the paths harder on which to walk.

“By switching from the concrete paver bricks to a real clay red brick, we’re hoping to keep that color and have a higher quality appearance and a better wear service for the long term,” he said.

The first phase, Mr. Jamieson said, was budgeted for about $40,000 and included the center gathering area of the park. This year, the total budgeted cost is $41,100.

“That’s for the crossover pathways from one side (of the park) to the other, and then several of the walk paths that go from that circular gathering area out to the edges,” he explained. “Next year, we’re going to be doing the final phase of the project, which is replacing all the perimeter walkway brick, and then the project will be complete.”

He added that the cost is roughly estimated to be about $40,000 for the final phase, but there is not an official estimate ready yet.

Mr. Jamieson said phase two of the projects will be complete before the village’s annual holiday lighting, which is Thanksgiving weekend. “We’re hoping to have the project done in the next two weeks or so,” he said. “Provided that Mother Nature cooperates, we’ll be well within that schedule.”

The village is contracting T.C. Construction of Willoughby Hills, the lowest of three bidders, for the three-year project. Mr. Jamieson said the village palletized the old concrete bricks to auction off on GovDeals.

Across the street from the park along Washington and South Main streets, Mr. Jamieson explained, the village is completing its final portion of a separate project.

“We are in several spots in the downtown district right now replacing the curb, the sidewalk ramps at crosswalks and some sidewalk blocks that were deteriorated and becoming a safety hazard,” he said. “That’s the final phase of that.”

He said that project is expected to be completed by the end of this week depending on weather conditions for the poured concrete’s curing.

In other construction news, Mr. Jamieson said the village recently completed repairs of the second Chagrin Falls viewing area between Dave’s Cosmic Subs and Jekyll’s Kitchen.

“The decking and railings were replaced,” he said, adding that the area was reopened a few weeks ago. He said the old decking was rotting and becoming a safety hazard after more than 20 years of use. He said the village contracted with Perfection Landscapes of Chagrin Falls to replace the decking and used new TimberTech composite decking.

The final cost of the replacement for the viewing area was $25,266.27, he said, and village officials expect a service life of 20 to 25 years with the new composite material.

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