The Chagrin Valley Exempted Village Schools Board of Education is making a concerted effort to study student achievement data at the district in order to make the best decisions for the future.

At a special meeting on Oct. 2, Superintendent Robert Hunt presented the board with an initial score card report, which is a packet of district data based on student achievement. The board discussed with Mr. Hunt the data areas they would like to track going forward.

“The reality is student learning and student achievement is one of the core competencies of what we do,” Mr. Hunt explained. “And it’s a matter of what we value and what we track. We’ve had this conversation constantly and we certainly don’t want to lose track of the fact that student achievement test scores, all of that is very, very important. But there’s a lot more to an educated child.”

Mr. Hunt added that there are two data areas within student achievement that the district follows over the course of the school year. One area is simply the results of students on testing at the district; the other is growth, or the measure of a student’s progress. He added that both areas are important and often overlap.

Board member Kathryn Garvey said that, going forward, she would like to see the district compared to others, as it would help truly gauge the district’s progress among other districts.

“I just want to keep that in mind as well, that it’s not just measuring ourselves against ourselves or against our goals,” she explained.

Mrs. Garvey added that even if the district does receive higher scores on their Ohio Department of Education report card from one year to another, there may be districts that are worth learning from through comparison. Mrs. Garvey also said it would be helpful for the district to track and report on the achievement of students taking College Credit Plus and Advanced Placement courses.

Board member Sharon Broz said she also wanted to see the progress reports at each individual school in the score card report, as that would help the board with decision-making for each school.

“I feel like that’s (tracking student progress) really important and I feel like having some sense of how the buildings are doing is really important,”

Mrs. Broz said.

Mrs. Broz also emphasized the need for the board to see the right data on the score card report, and mentioned that in the past, she had noticed a link between reports on progress and areas that parents had said they were concerned about.

After hearing from board members, Mr. Hunt said that he would consider their comments as he prepares the finalized score card report to be presented in February.

“We’re hoping to get an executive level summary that says on the first page, here’s all the takeaways from what we know and the data behind it,” Mrs. Garvey concluded.

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