There will be no swimming, day camps or games on city fields in Chardon at least through June and possibly longer.

Chardon city officials announced last week that all indoor and outdoor places of public amusement will be closed with all city parks and recreational programs canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“It was a very difficult decision to make,” explained Chardon City Manager Randy Sharpe. “We are in an extremely challenging time and are committed to making decisions that are in the best interest of the citizens of Chardon.”

A memo alerting Chardon residents of the closures defined places of public amusement as swimming pools and day camps, while park and recreation programs include concerts and movies in the park, organized day camp and other recreation activities. The memo stated that all playgrounds, turf fields, basketball and pickleball courts, skate parks and picnic pavilions in Chardon will remain closed through June.

Mr. Sharpe said the decisions were made based on guidance from Gov. Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Health as part of the ReStartOhio Program.

He added that the City of Chardon would take another look at these programs once the state releases more information and guidance regarding any changes that may be made to the program.

“The desire is to find the new ‘normal’ as soon as possible and enjoy the many events and programs in the city and on the square,” he said.

If the pool can be opened later in the season, it is ready. Repairs were made by American Leak Detection of Northeastern Ohio to the pool’s liner seal, according to Chardon Parks and Recreation Director Adam Rogers.

“There’s a white strip around the top of the pool that seals the liner to the concrete, and the piece of that white stripping that keeps everything sealed was bubbled out, about a four-inch gap,” Mr. Rogers explained. He added that this was causing the pool to lose about 2 inches of water on a regular basis.

He said that the issue appeared last fall, after the end of the 2019 summer season. At that point, Mr. Rogers’ department monitored the leak for several days and concluded that repairs could wait until spring.

In other news, Mr. Rogers also said that he observed crews cutting down trees at the Maple Highlands Bike Trail construction site, and expects construction to move forward as planned and be completed by the fall.

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