Tiny Toppers preschool students McKenzie Pobuda, from left, Aniello Hipps and Grayson Hosler-Fulton happily sing and drum to the tune of “Christmas Cookies in My Drum” at their Dec. 19 holiday concert for family and friends.

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Teachers conduct book ‘tasting’

Last month, Chardon Middle School teachers Shannon Monsman and Shalyn Swick set their classroom tables with checkered tablecloths, centerpieces, paper plates and pre-selected books while dressed as chefs for the Book Tasting event each hosted for fifth-grade enriched English language arts students. Students previewed the pre-selected books to be paired with the classes’ Patterns of Change curricular unit. 

All of the chosen books were centered on characters who encounter family challenges and societal patterns that are the catalyst for personal growth. Ms. Monsman’s and Ms. Swick’s students rotated between tables and previewed each book by viewing the cover and reading a printed synopsis and the first chapter. 

Following the activity, students completed a form explaining which book they would prefer to read and why. Over the next several weeks, students are reading their chosen novels in class and making connections to the concepts of cyclic patterns in literature.

Superintendent surprises students

Tiny Toppers welcomed a surprise visit from mystery reader Superintendent Michael P. Hanlon on Dec. 18. Dr. Hanlon stopped by to read aloud “The Book with no Pictures” to the students and share a snack together. The story is a New York Times Best Seller written by B.J. Novak.

“The students loved the very silly story even though it contained zero pictures or illustrations,” said Linda Elegante, director of student services for Chardon schools. “This is a fun, unique children’s book, which will definitely inspire laughter and requests for repeated readings.”

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