Chardon trustees are in the process of revising the township’s in-house manual to reflect policy updates, officials said during a June 3 meeting.

Township Administrative Assistant Lisa Nelson said after the meeting that the goal is to make the manual more concise. “Right now, we have a 500 page manual. You know how policy and procedure manuals can be.”

Trustees want to make it easier for anyone who needs to consult the manual to do so and find the information they’re looking for more easily and to do so cheaply.

Mrs. Nelson said the most efficient way to accomplish the goal is to do the revisions and manual design in house.

“This is your bible,” Trustee Tim McKenna said at the meeting. “If this isn’t up to speed, we have problems. This needs to be addressed.”

In other meeting news, Chardon Zoning Inspector Donald Mohney said several residents have expressed concern about the new 5G tower that was recently installed on Calico Lane. He said people on the street are concerned that 5G may be dangerous after reading about it online, but he has assured them that fifth generation cellular technology is safe.

Mr. Mohney said that Construction Specialists of Kirtland will be building a fence near the Protestant cemetery on Clark Road to protect some of their telephone equipment stored there.

The trustees also discussed when they should schedule their next trash day, after the pickup originally scheduled for June 6 was canceled. Mrs. Nelson said it might be a good idea to hold it over Labor Day weekend because the landfill the township uses stays open on Saturdays during holiday weekends. Trustees didn’t make a final decision.

The next meeting is 7 p.m. June 17 through Zoom and live in the township road garage.

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