Members of the Chardon Service Committee last week discussed conducting a traffic study for the North Hambden and Grant streets intersection.

Chardon city Police Chief Scott Niehus reported on resident compliance with newly installed stop signs at the intersection to the committee.

“Initially when the sign first went in, there was a lot of negative comments about that sign social media-wise,” said Chief Niehus. “But in terms of compliance with the sign, it seems that as time has gone on here and people are becoming accustomed to the sign, we are not hearing as much negative comments about that sign or the size.”

Chief Niehus also reported that traffic through the intersection of those two streets has been moving efficiently with no incidents that were directly related to the signs.

“There have been no accidents that I am aware of,” said Chief Niehus. “We did make some stops down there within the first two to three weeks as people were becoming accustomed to the sign being there.”

The committee members approved the motion for the study, as well as one for a portion of Wilson Mills Road which is under consideration for reducing the speed limit to 25 mph which requires ODOT approval.

According to Law Director Ben Chojnacki, in order for a charter municipality to reduce the speed limit, approval is required from the Ohio Department of Transportation. Raising the speed limit in a charter municipality like Chardon does not require state approval.

“The best analysis I can think of is, they don’t want to give charter municipalities the authority to create speed traps, so they want it without approval on that front,” said Mr. Chojnacki. “But they’re okay with raising the speed limits if they deem it’s acceptable within their jurisdiction.”

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for Nov. 12 at 6:30 p.m.

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