Chardon trustees last week approved a resolution accepting the Geauga County Budget Commission’s certificate for the township’s 2022 budget of $1.7 million.

This certification follows up the township’s Aug. 16 meeting with the budget commission.

“We had our meeting on Monday and they came in and asked a couple of questions and then after 10 minutes said ‘OK, we’re good, here’s your certificate,’”said Fiscal Officer Ilona Daw-Krizman during the Aug. 18 township meeting.

The commission each year hears from representatives of each township, village and city to explain the spending plan.

“We get a letter from the auditor/budget commission and they say here’s what we estimate tax collections to be next year based on your levies, tax values, etc. Then we prepare our budget from our computer system and submit that,” Mrs. Daw-Krizman said.

Geauga County Auditor Charles E. Walder, one of three budget commission members, said the panel found no issues with the township budget.

“In their general fund, we believe their predicted 2022 ending balance was low and I estimated they needed about $60,000 minimally and they are predicting to only have $3,000, but we all know usually you carry over some money, so it’s not alarming,” said Mr. Walder. “But we cautioned them that’s something to be watching.”

Mr. Walder also stated that the township’s gas, road and bridge funds had a low ending balance for 2022.

“That’s justified because they have a levy on the ballot of 2.75 mills for five years starting in 2021, which would start collecting in 2022,” said Mr. Walder. “If that levy passes, that would fix their low balance in the road and bridge.”

Mr. Walder said that the committee had recommended taking steps in regard to the township’s debt service.

“They have some that they’re paying out of road and bridge, and I recommended protecting that in a debt fund,” he said, explaining that this is a mechanical action taken. “The commission in general had no notable issues with their budget.”

Mrs. Daw-Krizman said that the township plans to create a new budget report for the commission showing the debt service funds so they can take that fund and put it on the certificate.

“The budget commission people just told us if you’re going to do this, let us know and then get us paperwork and we’ll give you a new certificate,” she said, adding that this must be done by Sept. 13.

The next trustees meeting is Sept. 1 at 7 p.m.

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