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New initiative unites students

Chardon High School launched a new initiative called Schoolhouse Jocks on Feb. 12. The mission of the program is to recruit high-achieving student athletes to tutor and mentor the younger population at Chardon schools. To enroll as a mentor, student athletes must be in good academic standing and have the attributes of a positive role model.

Schoolhouse Jocks focuses on students involved in the school’s eighth-grade advisory program. The club will aid eighth- through tenth-grade students in all opportunities presented to them. Younger students often look up to CHS athletes for their athletic abilities, and Schoolhouse Jocks provides a platform to foster this connection through a mentoring opportunity.

Due to time constraints involved with participating in Chardon sports, student athletes don’t often have the ability to volunteer in the school’s service programs, so the program provides students with the chance to serve as leaders in the school community outside of athletics.

Schoolhouse Jocks meets on Wednesday mornings at the high school before classes begin and currently hosts 12 students total. The initiative is spearheaded and advised by staff members Kyle Kovach, Joan Blackburn, Dawn Tupaz and Amber Yeager. 

Students create ‘buddy bags’

Eighth-grade students at Chardon High School’s Arthur Holden Leadership Institute have decided to create “buddy bags” for their service project this year. The Geauga County Sheriff’s Department will hand out the bags to children who face difficult situations, such as car accidents or neglectful caretakers. 

“Chardon Dollar General donated all the stuffed animals and gave parent and project donor Elizabeth Fullerman an incredible deal on over 40 activity packs,” said Chardon High School teacher and eighth-grade AHLI advisor Amber Yeager. “They were very moved by the AHLI service project.”

The student-led community service project also received donations from local sources like the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop, Beans Coffee Shop, Chardon Square Association, Chardon Police Department, Hutter Performance, The Nest and the Sheehan and Lester families.

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