Chardon Planning Commission members last week approved a request from Frontier Land Group for an amendment to an approved concept plan for the Maple Ridge Planned Residential Development Subdivision formerly known as Brooks Meadows.

The applicants requested a waiver and variance for the installation of sidewalks requirement on a portion of the property.

“The property on the south side of public street ‘A’ is industrial with semi-truck traffic and the thought is to keep pedestrian traffic away from this facility’s driveways,” said Community Development Administrator Steven M. Yaney. “As an alternative, that sidewalk will be installed heading north along South Street (SR 44) to close the gap [partially] between the development and the existing sidewalk network.”

The proposed plan is for a 96-unit detached single-family home planned residential development.

Mr. Yaney stated that most of the lot sizes are measured at 7,600 square feet and the sizes are smaller than what the city has seen.

“They would be able to get 96 lots out there so that basically is what allows the density for this project,” said Mr. Yaney. Developers are entitled to build up to 96 units considering the density requirement, he added.

The property is located on the east side of South Street owned by Industrial Developers Diversified Limited with the total acreage of the proposed development being 40.11 acres.

Last year, the planning commission approved a zoning update to the property from industrial to residential to accommodate the project.

Mr. Yaney stated that the plan layout is slightly different from the way Brooks Meadows was laid out.

“In this project, that 50-foot setback is entirely located within the open spaces so none of that no build zone is in the rear yards of any of these properties,” he said.

Mr. Yaney said residential neighborhoods in Chardon do not allow on-street parking in the winter and explained the closer the houses get to the street the fewer cars can be parked in the driveway.

“All the front yards will have 40-foot setbacks,” said Mr. Yaney. “The only exception will be the side setbacks on the corner lots would be reduced to 35 feet, but those would not be reducing the driveway, the driveways would be on the opposite road and those would all have 40-foot front setbacks.”

In other business, planning commission members also approved a motion extending the concept plan approval for the Hidden Glen Subdivision to 2025, which expired on Aug. 17, giving the developer additional time to complete the last two phases of the project.

All parties had agreed on the extension, but no formal action was taken, Mr. Yaney said. The clerk going over minutes of the meeting realized no formal motion had been made or approved, he said, making it necessary for the commission to take action.

The meeting was held on Aug. 31. The commission meeting is Sept. 21 at 6:30 p.m.

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