Newcomer Craig S. Richter and incumbent Joseph C. Mazzurco captured the two Chester Township Trustee seats up for grabs in the general election on Tuesday in a field of four challengers.

Mr. Richter, 57, of Chester Township gathered 956 votes and Mr. Mazzurco, 56, took in 888 votes, according to unofficial tallies from the Geauga County Board of Elections.

“I want to thank everyone for the support for coming out and voting and I’m ready to hit the ground and start working,” said Mr. Richter. “I am very confident, I’ve been manager of people for 25 years and with my prior knowledge of the township, how it works, the people in the township and the employees where I worked with for six years as fiscal officer.”

In addition to the two winners, the field of candidates included incumbent Walter “Skip” Claypool with 784 votes along with challengers Eric C. Wittine with 761 votes, Anthony Peto with 757 votes and Michael Petruziello with 820 votes, according to unofficial results.

As trustee, Mr. Richter said his top priority would be to make sure tax dollars go further by cutting wasteful spending and ensuring that township services such as police, fire, and road departments remain fully funded.

Mr. Richter previously said he would like to see more people involved in the township government process and attend meetings. He would also like to see the vacant building space filled prior to other buildings going up

Mr. Mazzurco expressed his excitement for being re-elected to the position of township trustee.

“I just want to thank all candidates in the race for being out there and running for the election and thank all my supporters,” Mr. Mazzurco said. “I’m glad to be back in for another four years.”

As trustee, Mr. Mazzurco wants to continue working in partnership with the community to improve it and keep it vibrant.

Mr. Mazzurco previously said his past management experience has helped him to understand how to be a good leader of employees and how to understand the wants and needs of township employees, which in turn helps them to provide better services to Chester residents.

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