Police expand house watch, animal services

The Village of Gates Mills Police Department is expanding services in regards to animal control and house watching, police Chief Gregg Minichello said.

Last year, Gates Mills police received 6,660 calls for service and 165 of those involved animals, Officer Dylan Hustosky said.

Starting in March, there will be a link on the Gates Mills village website to a base management system where residents can upload information about their pets, such as their name, breed and home address, Chief Minichello said. Upon viewing a stray, police could view the database and see if the animal matches the profile of a resident’s pet. If so, the animal could easily be returned to the owner, he explained.

The police are also expanding the house watching service. In addition to filling out a house watch request on paper or calling the police station, the chief said, residents can also follow a link on the website to complete the form. Chief Minichello said that this form would be sent directly to officers’ cruisers. Gates Mills police perform nearly 29,000 house checks annually, according to Mr. Hustosky.

Chief Mason has NOBLE leadership role

Woodmere Police Chief Sheila Mason is now serving as the interim president of the Greater Cleveland Chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. Chief Mason was serving as the vice president until December of 2018, when she was promoted to fill this open position, she said.

Quenton Jordan, former commander in the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s police department, was the president, but stepped down. In December, Mr. Jordan was indicted by a grand jury on a felony charge of misusing a law enforcement database, according to Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court records. He is on an unpaid suspension from his job, according to county records.

In his absence, Chief Mason said that she has been working with other executive board members. The Cleveland chapter of NOBLE is currently preparing for the 2020 national conference, which will be held in Cleveland, she added.

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