PEPPER PIKE — Members of the Orange Board of Education are looking for ways to fund new scoreboard purchases for the campus.

During a Jan. 22 meeting, the Building and Grounds Committee agreed that replacing the football scoreboard has the highest priority. Orange Athletic Director Katie Hine is looking for an action plan.

“Our root issue is the policy,” she said. Ms. Hine is looking for the best way to approach purchasing new scoreboards by finding a funding solution and working with Pepper Pike’s signage regulations.

Board member Jeff Leikin said that there has been an ongoing discussion about the schools’ scoreboards for the last five years. He said that there is no scoreboard at Brady Middle School, and the baseball scoreboard does not work all of the time.

The committee is also considering a video board, which is like a big TV screen, according to Director of Business Operations Ted Roseberry. A video board would be able to display student interviews during halftime or show the words to the alma mater, for example.

Mr. Roseberry said that the district could use $150,000 from the capital improvement fund for a new scoreboard at Orange High School. Besides using money from this fund, board member Rebecca Boyle suggested advertising on the scoreboard, which she has noticed on the football scoreboard at Shaker Heights High School.

Since Orange High School is located in Pepper Pike, any scoreboard that is purchased must fit the city’s signage requirements. According to Mayor Richard Bain, the city does not permit billboards. He said that a sign with outdoor advertising is akin to a billboard, which would be prohibited. He also said that a new scoreboard, whether it is a video board or not, would require a conditional use permit.

“A scoreboard is considered a sign and something that large is beyond the scope of our sign ordinances and needs a conditional use permit,” he said. “It’s not an obstacle, it is just a step in making progress.”

Mayor Bain also said that the orientation of the board is also important so it is not visible on Chagrin Boulevard.

“It could be distracting to traffic and there are potential illumination issues,” he said.

Mayor Bain said that he looks forward to working with the Board of Education in a positive fashion on this topic.

Ms. Hine added that Orange should not have to worry about relocating a home game because the scoreboard is not working properly, which has been a concern in the past.

“That affects gate revenue and that affects the community,” she said.

The board revisited this topic at their Jan. 28 meeting and agreed that they should approach Pepper Pike with a proposal.

Julie Hullett has been a reporter for the Chagrin Valley Times since August of 2018 and covers Gates Mills, Hunting Valley, Moreland Hills, Orange, Pepper Pike and Woodmere. She graduated from John Carroll University with a journalism degree in 2018.

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