Two major projects in the works for Cedar and County Line roads and totaling about $4.4 million are set to begin next year to improve roadways in Hunting Valley, Gates Mills and Russell Township.

Hunting Valley Village Engineer Joe Ciuni said that Cedar Road needs to be resurfaced and widened between SOM Center Road and Chagrin River Road. The pavement is only 18 feet wide and is required to be 24 feet, including shoulders, he explained. Between SOM and Woodstock Road, Cedar is shared between Hunting Valley and Gates Mills. Cuyahoga County is leading this $1.2 million project, Mr. Ciuni said, which includes designing and funding 80 percent of it. The remaining 20 percent of the cost will be split between the two villages, with each paying $120,000.

The other part of Cedar to be resurfaced is between Woodstock and Chagrin River roads. This section will not be widened, but the road crews will replace curbs as needed. Hunting Valley applied for a grant from Cuyahoga County to help fund the $600,000 project but has not heard back yet.

Mr. Ciuni said that the Cedar resurfacing will take place from June to mid-August when Gilmour Academy is not in session. The road will be closed except to residents.

Another upcoming road project for Hunting Valley will take place on County Line Road. Geauga County Deputy Design Engineer Shane Hajjar explained that this is a reconstruction project that is shared between Hunting Valley and Russell Township. Mr. Hajjar said that existing culverts will be replaced and the road upgraded as needed. The base of the roadway will be stabilized with cement, he added, and the roadway will be repaved with 6 inches of new asphalt.

“This road has been repaired many times over the last several decades but was never formally paved,” Mr. Hajjar said. “Part is paved and part is chip sealed. The road is out of shape and in need of major rehabilitation.”

Mr. Hajjar also said that the project will improve overall drainage, remove steep embankments and remove trees that are close to the road that could cause a hazard.

Running from the corporate line between Hunting Valley and Gates Mills south to Whisperwood Drive is a shared portion of the project with Russell Township, according to Hunting Valley Service Director Don Cunningham. This portion will cost a total of $3.2 million, with Hunting Valley contributing an estimated $1.8 million and Russell paying nearly $1.4 million.

The Ohio Public Works Commission awarded Russell a grant for $350,000 to help fund its portion of the project, according to Mr. Hajjar.

The portion of County Line that stretches from Whisperwood south to Route 87 is the sole responsibility of Hunting Valley, and will cost nearly $750,000, Mr. Cunningham said.

This reconstruction project was designed by Geauga County engineers and GPD Engineering, Mr. Cunningham said. The project is expected to begin in the spring of 2019.

Julie Hullett has been a reporter for the Chagrin Valley Times since August of 2018 and covers Gates Mills, Hunting Valley, Moreland Hills, Orange, Pepper Pike and Woodmere. She graduated from John Carroll University with a journalism degree in 2018.

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