Geauga Park District Executive Director John Oros said construction is moving right along for Welton’s Gorge, which will become the district’s newest park when it opens in Burton sometime soon.

“I’ve had the opportunity to walk our newest park in Welton’s Gorge and construction crews are moving right along,” Mr. Oros said at the Monday park board meeting. “They’ve built some creative overlooks to look into the gorge. It should be no problem completing construction of that project before the snow falls.”

The park will feature an open-air lodge, Mr. Oros explained after the meeting, and hiking will be possible over the winter. “It’ll probably push later into the year,” he added.

He also said that restoration work has begun on the Staples Meadows Wetland in the past couple of weeks, consisting of the construction of larger ponds and maintenance of the lake and wetlands.

The board approved the amounts and rates of ongoing levies as determined by the Geauga County Budget Commission for 2021 collection. The levies expire in 2025, 2032 and 2039.

To purchase a new Ford F-350 to replace one of the old trucks, park commissioners agreed to transfer $3,500 from the travel expenses fund to the equipment account.

“One of the things we’ve done is we kept our fleet number flat if not below,” Mr. Oros told the board. “In 2010, we had 38 vehicles. Now we’re at 35 and we’ve grown in parks over the past 10 years. IN this case, we are replacing a truck. This is not a new truck.”

Mr. Oros said the truck will be used in part to plow snow in park parking lots.

The meeting was held at the Donald W. Meyer Center tucked away in Big Creek Park, at 9160 Robinson Road in Chardon Township. The next park board meeting is Oct. 19 at Big Creek Park.

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