The Geauga County Board of Commissioners Tuesday approved several financial items for county engineer road projects with budgets totaling more than $2.5 million.

Deputy Engineer Shane Hajjar brought five items to the board including awarding one bid and executing four unit price contracts, some of which are either entirely or partially funded through grants.

The board approved the county engineer’s office request to award the bid Ronyak Paving, Inc. of Burton Township for improvements on Taylor Wells Road, which includes the milling and resurfacing of 2.37 miles of road.

“[This] is a resurfacing project from Claridon-Troy [Road] to the near intersection with Mayfield Road,” Mr. Hajjar explained. “We are replacing a large failing culvert under the road and realigning the intersection at Taylor Wells and Mayfield so that it’s directly across instead of the offsetting intersection, which has been somewhat of a safety issue for quite a long time.”

Mr. Hajjar said the locally-funded project was originally estimated to cost about $815,000, but the bid for Ronyak came to about $745,000. Construction is slated to start June 1 and will require traffic detours, according to the engineer’s office.

The board also approved a unit price contract with Ronyak for $533,000 for asphalt resurfacing 2.75 miles of Aquilla Road in Claridon Township from Mayfield Road to the City of Chardon.

Mr. Hojjar said this project is receiving funding from the County Engineers Association Ohio, known as CEAO, which is covering 80 percent of the costs. He said Geauga County’s local share would be about $106,000 of the total contracted price.

The project is anticipated to start this week. Traffic will be maintained, according to the engineer’s office.

Mr. Hajjar also requested the approval of two safety projects with Aero-Mark Company for the application of asphalt markings throughout the county at almost $388,000, as well as with Lake Erie Construction Company for the replacement of guardrails on various county roads at about $716,000.

Mr. Hajjar noted, however, that these two projects will be entirely funded by CEAO after the association received fewer applicants than anticipated. The guardrail replacement was to have started May 1 and the pavement markings are anticipated to begin July 13, according to the engineer’s office.

Finally, the commissioners approved a nearly $154,000 contract with Grade Line, Inc. for the replacement of the Tilden Road bridge in Troy Township.

“The estimate was $185,000; this came in just under $154,000, which we’re happy to see,” Mr. Hajjar said. He added that about half the project is funded by the Ohio Public Works Commission, or OPWC, grant of about $75,000. The replacement is expected to begin sometime this year, according to the engineer’s office.

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