Geauga Park Board members voted to re-elect board officers for 2021, naming Howard Bates as president and Pat Preston as vice president during an early morning meeting on Monday.

Executive Director John Oros said the board does this every January. Leaders, who serve one year, generally are tasked with the duty of running meetings.

“Both individuals bring a wealth of business experience and knowledge to the board, they are successful businessmen and strong community leaders, both have served our Geauga County community at-large for years and they have contributed generously with donations of time and money,” Mr. Oros said of the leadership now in place

Mr. Oros also stated that Mr. Bates and Mr. Preston have made a conscientious choice to invest in the Geauga Park District.

“Alongside their families, they utilize our parks in order to ensure we present a quality park experience to our guests,” said Mr. Oros. “Through their involvement and oversight, they have proven their desire to see Geauga Park District succeed in our mission.”

In other business, board members approved a resolution for a budget amendment in the amount of $51,873 to the 2021 budget general fund for personnel salaries, Medicare and Ohio Public Employees Retirement System for administrative, naturalists, IT, marketing, operations, planning and ranger departments.

Mr. Oros indicated that the amendment did not include compensation adjustments until they were approved at the last meeting in December.

“The budget amendment was necessary,” said Mr. Oros. “Although we had a budget placeholder.”

Board members also discussed and postponed voting on numerous items including the amendment of Geauga County Park District Board of Park Commissioners bylaws and the appointment of a treasurer and fiscal officer.

Both items are expected to be revisited and discussed at the next meeting in February.

The meeting was held via Zoom on Jan. 11. The next Geauga Park District meeting is scheduled for Feb. 8 at 8:30 a.m. inside the Cherry Room of the Meyer Center at Big Creek Park in Chardon Township.

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