Geauga County voters will have no shortage of money issues to decide on this November.

Townships and school districts, as well as county agencies, are asking voters to open their wallets to support their operations. Among the biggest asks is Chardon Local School District that is seeking a 5.3-mill, 37-year bond issue to support construction of a new school.

In Burton Township, voters are being asked to support the renewal of a five-year, 1.5-mill fire and EMS levy.

Chester Township Trustees have placed two issues for voters’ consideration. Voters are being asked to support a 1.5-mill, five-year, levy for roads and another 2.5-mill, five-year levy for police and EMS.

Claridon Township is seeking renewal of a continuing 2-mill levy for fire and EMS.

Hambden Township is asking voters to renew two levies – a five-year, 0.25-mill levy to support parks and recreation and a five-year, 0.8-mill levy for permanent improvements.

Likewise, Munson Township is seeking voter approval for renewals on a 2.1-mill, five-year levy for roads and another 1.75-mill, five-year levy for roads.

Newbury Township is asking voters to support the renewal of a 1.6-mill, continuing levy for fire and EMS.

Troy Township is asking their voters to give a little more with an additional 5-mill, five-year road levy.

For Berkshire Local School District, voters will be asked to renew a 2.5-mill, five-year levy for permanent improvements.

Geauga County Mental Health services, the county parks and Metzenbaum Center are all asking for voters to renew existing levies.

Mental Health is seeking approval for the renewal of a 0.7-mill, five-year levy.

The Geauga Park District is asking voters to approve a 0.9-mill, 20-year levy that will reduce current taxes. Metzenbaum is asking for support for a 0.7-mill, continuing levy.

Burton Village also is asking for renewal of a 2-mill, three-year levy for police and EMS.

Joseph Koziol Jr. started his career in journalism in 1981. He joined the Solon Times in 1992 and covered the city of Solon for 10 years. An award winning reporter, Mr. Koziol has been covering Geauga County since 2012.

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