The Berkshire Board of Education last week hired a principal and vice principal for the high school.

Johnathan Franks and Heather Giel were introduced as the new principal and assistant principal by the board during a July 12 meeting. Their contracts begin Aug. 1. Mr. Franks received a three-year contract at an annual salary of $110,000 and Ms. Giel received a two-year contract at an annual salary of $80,000, according to officials.

Mr. Franks, who is a 2000 alumnus of the school district, will make the transition back to his alma mater after spending the last six years as a principal in the Springboro Local School District.

“I am honored to be the next principal of Berkshire High School,” he said to the board. “We are actively transferring back up to Northeast Ohio and are excited to make that move.”

Mrs. Giel, formerly a health and physical education teacher and long-standing educator in the district, received the promotion to the new position.

“I am excited to transition from teacher to administrator,” she said. “I look forward to continue supporting our students and teachers and work closely with [Mr. Franks].”

Both Mr. Franks and Mrs. Giel will serve as new members of the high school leadership team along with Brian Hiscox, according to an official statement released by the district. Mr. Hiscox will retain his role as the athletic director and dean of students.

“We are very excited having them go into our new school,” BOE President John Manfredi said.

Superintendent John Stoddard added, “They bring an energy and excitement that is contagious, and they both have deep ties to our community.”

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