Munson Township Trustees last week moved forward with plans to build a scoreboard at the Bass Lake Park baseball diamond.

Officials noted that the Sept. 28 meeting that the scoreboard would be used in conjunction with Chardon High School since the baseball and softball programs use the park.

Trustee Jim McCaskey said the township looks to spend anywhere between $20,000 and $25,000, depending on the price of copper.

There are a couple of steps towards building the scoreboard, Mr. McCaskey said. There is the cost of installation and electrical work. A conduit to protect the wiring underground is being donated, he said. The final step is the installation of the scoreboard.

Fiscal Officer Todd Ray said the price of just the scoreboard is $11,757.

Mr. McCaskey said the scoreboard should hopefully be up by April 1 and would be shared by the residents of Munson township and Chardon High School.

The collaboration between the township and the high school is good and productive according to Mr. McCaskey, who said that he prefers working together with the school district. He also said both the high school and youth league teams would use the field and scoreboard.

“Personally, I kind of liked a little bit of overlap,” he said, “It lets the little girls watch the big girls for the high school play varsity ball, and the same for the boys.”

In other business, trustees agreed to launch an informal speed study on Klatka Drive.

The action was prompted by a request from a resident who has observed speeding vehicles on the road, Trustee Andrew Bushman said.

Mr. Bushman said that the process will be a visual inspection conducted by township trustees.

In referencing the speed study to be conducted on Sherman Road, Mr. Bushman noted that there will be no black box data recorded.

“It’s what the trustees observe,” Mr. Bushman said.

Based on the speed studies, trustees could alter speed limits on roads within the township. The current speed limit on Klatka Drive is 55 mph.

The topic will be revisited during the Oct. 12 trustee meeting, officials said.

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