MUNSON – Township trustees last week agreed to contract with the Illuminating Company to replace burned out halogen lights with LED lights.

“Now that we finally agreed on streetlight conversion and getting ready to do engineering, GE stopped making halogen streetlights,” Trustee Irene McMullen explained during the June 9 meeting. “They’re only making LEDs now. So, the Illuminating Company said they’re going to just replace burned out streetlamps with LEDs, if you’re patient you won’t have to pay.”

Ms. McMullen said that the township can ask for individual lights to be changed at $240.

Also, Munson Fire Department Captain Brian Gray told trustees that his department has agreed to participate in an antibody screen for COVID-19 that University Hospitals of Cleveland is conducting to study the impact of the pandemic on first responders. Once UH reaches a certain threshold of interested parties, he said, the medical center will begin the testing.

The department has been keeping an extensive list of the equipment and supplies purchased during the pandemic and costs that will need to be reimbursed through federal CARES Act funding, he said.

Munson Fiscal Officer Todd Ray said this was good news and will allow him to easily return money for purchases his department has made so long as the trustees approve them.

In other financial news, Munson’s trustees and Mr. Ray agreed to hold their township budget hearing at 6:30 p.m. on July 14, prior to their regular meeting.

Trustees also approved an amendment to add a hold harmless agreement to the rental forms that the township requires citizens to fill out if they want to make use of the township’s pavilions or community room.

“I went down there this weekend and measured town hall,” Trustee Andrew Bushman said. “I was confident you could get 50 to 60 people at the round tables, not the rectangular or square ones. I think you can get seven round tables in that room and still have the serving tables set out.”

In other news, Munson’s trustees discussed trash day, which is tentatively set for Sept. 19, but did not come to a decision. They will return to the issue at their second meeting in July.

At the end of the meeting, attendees briefly discussed the idea of holding in-person meetings. While Trustee Jim McCaskey said he was supportive of meeting live, the group eventually decided that they will wait to hear official word on whether Gov. Mike DeWine is changing his current 10-person maximum capacity order.

Trustees will next meet on June 23 via Zoom. Meeting details will be posted to Munson’s website.

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